Review: Surrender by Stephanie Tyler

 Surrender (Section 8 #1) by Stephanie TylerThis is a new series from Stephanie Tyler featuring a band of damaged and heavy baggage carrying former military guys and so far, two female characters.

In this first book, there is a lot of setup going on and Tyler introduces us to 4 male characters and 2 female characters that I assume the series will focus on. Everyone has a connection to a super-secret former government agency known as S8. For some like the Dare, the main male hero in Surrender, his father was a member of S8 and his father is believed to be dead. Or is he? With the former head of the old S8 out to kill all remaining connections to S8, these 6 characters must band together to fight for their lives.

Whew – there is so much going on this book! I found there wasn’t a lot of time for Dare and Grace, the main hero/heroine, to have a real romance. Grace was severely physically tortured in her past, and Dare is loaded down with tons of emotional baggage as well, that for me there wasn’t much “romance” and things quickly led to Dare and Grace jumping between the sheets without really working through the stuff in their pasts. I would say the suspense plot in this book takes center stage. I had issues with that as well, as sometimes things in the book seemed to leap forward in a way that had me a little confused. It was like every now and again a scene was missing and as a reader we had to just assume what was happening. In addition to the leaping forward, there were also character flashbacks interspersed throughout which I guess as a reader gave us a little more insight to a character, but it also allowed characters like Dare and Grace to not really confront their past head on.

But the biggest issue I had with this book is the improbability of all of it. Yes, I understand this is a fiction book, but a few things were just too much. There’s the ability of the characters to so quickly move around from one location to another, the abundance of safe places for them to hide out, and explosions and a burned down house that didn’t seem to bring attention to them. And I believe everything happens in the book within one week to a week and half period of time. At points I was finally really getting into the story and there were a few characters I really enjoyed, I had to shake my head a few times.
As you can see from above there’s no shortage of action in this book. And there are plenty of characters to get to know. I really enjoyed the mysterious character Gunner, especially after a major secret is revealed at the end. I’m just not sure if my attention was caught enough to go on continue with the series.

Favorite Quote:

“You’re all so brooding and mysterious. Do you cultivate that or does it just come naturally?”

Rating: C-
Surrender by Stephanie Tyler
April 2nd 2013 by Signet
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