Review: Steamroller by Mary Calmes

Steamroller by Mary CalmesSo who was it that suggested Mary Calmes to me?  When I did my Ty/Zane post I know her name came up a lot.  Well I could just kiss those of you who pointed me in her direction.  Either she needs to write faster or I should read slower.  It is probably the read slower part but I can’t seem to stop blazing my way through her backlist.

If you have ever read Mary Calmes you will know that Jory is probably her most popular character.  I adore Jory.  For real.  In Steamroller Vince plays the part of our Jory.  He is hot but doesn’t know it.  Everyone loves him and everyone wants him.  He is a stumble through life happy, carefree kind of guy but still a bit of a nerd.  He always knew he was gay and when he finally told his family they showed him the door.  From there Vince moved in with his best friend, Matt, and his family and they treated him like a son.  Now Vince is in college and though he started out living with Matt, Matt soon found a girlfriend and ditched him to live with her.

Vince is unable to cover the living expenses without getting a job so he carries over his high school job and works at a copy type place.  One night a big jock comes in to have a project done but they are out of time.  The printer will already be running until closing and there is no time for the jock’s work to be added.  The jock starts to give Vince a hard time when a very hot, very buff young man steps up to try to sweet talk Vince.  Vince has no use for jocks even if this one is pretty sweet looking and tells them both to go to another store.  Unfortunately for Vince he has a sarcastic way of saying everything and he once again his mouth gets him in trouble.  Especially when he finds out that the person he was being an ass to is none other than the star quarterback, Carson Cress,  and the man everyone thinks walks on water.

To Vince’s surprise Carson starts to find him in odd places and it turns out that Carson wants him.  Bad.  Vince is willing to be his gay experiment, I mean hey…why not have one night with he über hot dude?  The experiment turns into something more when Carson wants to be with him for good.  He is willing to come out and risk his future in the draft, with his family, everything just to be with Vince.  It turns out that Carson has been watching Vince for over a year and he is not going to let this chance slip through his fingers.

Steamroller is a typical Mary Calmes book which means that I loved it.  The characters fall in love almost instantly and want to be together despite huge obstacles.  It is completely unthinkable that Carson would choose to give up his whole life after sleeping with a man one time.  But it works.  In a Mary Calmes story, it works.  And that is why I love her.

Seriously, I could spend about 6 more paragraphs going on about her books and her writing.  Pretty soon here I will be out of books and that will make me so very sad.  Since there are so many reviews for her Matter of Time series (one of my favorites, Jory and Sam) I decided to pick a less reviewed book to talk about her work.  If you are a m/m fan and haven’t tried Ms. Calmes you are missing out.  Go buy a book and start now!  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

 “Don’t care, can’t feel anything unless you’re touching me.”

Rating: B
Steamroller by Mary Calmes
September 5th 2012 by Dreamspinner Press
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  1. Angela says

    He is willing to come out and risk his future in the draft, with his family, everything just to be with Vince

    This line makes me want to read it. I love it when there is that kind of passion and intensity in my romance.

  2. says

    I love Mary Calmes! Jory and Sam are like crack. I’ve probably read that series a hundred times. I’m so behind on getting caught up on all her stuff over the last year. This one sounds like one I can’t wait to read.

  3. Brandilyn says

    Glad you have found Ms Calmes. Love her work. There are very few on her backlist I have not read and none that I have not loved.

  4. Megan says

    Mary Calmes totally does it for me every time. Her writing is like crack. Did you read Mine? I liked that one a lot.

    • says

      I did read Mine. Have you read the latest book in her Matter of Time series about Aaron? There is a character from Mine that makes an appearance.

  5. says

    I love, love Mary Calmes’ books. They are feel good, put a smile on your face, have me ROTFLMAO books. Jory and Sam is additive. You may be interested in her Change of Heart series, involving Fantasy genre. My new favorite book at the moment is “Frog.”