Review: Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones

I had a lot on my plate: A naked dead man riding shotgun everywhere I went.  A mysterious Asian man hovering in my corner who made of something powerful, whatever that meant.  Another man who sold his soul to a demon who was indifferent to the fact that it was for a good cause.  A demon who was going around tricking people out of their souls so he could eat them.  Which, ew.  A rascally neighbor who’d proposed to me and was expecting an answer sometime this century.  And an ongoing child-abduction case that had led me to believe that my man might have a brother he either does or doesn’t know about.  I was so not good at tying up loose ends.  And to top it all off, I was one step closer to getting my BFF slash receptionist laid by my uncle.

Sixth Grave on the Edge by  Darynda Jones Charley Davidson series #6Sixth Grave on the Edge is the sixth book in the Charley Davidson series.  Book five, Fifth Grave Past the Light, had a killer cliffhanger and readers were left wondering how Charley would answer the oh so sexy Reyes.  Ok, anyone really following the series knew that Charley had to say yes at some point.  There wouldn’t be much excitement if she were to say no, but we all held our breath waiting for that moment she would answer that simple yes/no question.

Sixth Grave picks up right where Fifth Grave left off and Charley is having problems dealing with her almost death.  She is still having nightmares and Reyes is giving her time to get over them.  As with most Charley books we only get a handful of pages in before she has several assignments and things to handle.  Sixth Grave is similar to the others in that there are multiple story lines happening and only a couple of them advance the main arc.  The other mysteries are there as comic relief, something Ms. Jones does very well.

The first half of the book is a mostly a set up for the action at the end.  Charley has been forced to take a job finding a woman kept in the witness protection program.  Someone broke into her apartment and told her she had a short amount of time to find the witness or her friend would die.  Charley checked in on all her friends and can’t figure out who they are talking about but she does what she can to find the witness.

For about 75% of the book this story line worked for me.  Then something happened and I started to get annoyed with Charley and her lack of development in any part of her life.  I think this quote summed up the last part of the book for me:

Then again, I liked trifling.  Trifling was my middle name.  Charlotte Trifling Davidson.  Let Papa Mendoza bring the fight to me.  I was ready.  And I had a fab supernatural entity who could sever his spine in the blink of an eye, should it come to that.  So there.

Charley seems to be going nowhere.  She always relies on Reyes to come and save the day.  There is no thought to what she does and no consideration for the people in her life.  We saw what happened in the previous book when Reyes wasn’t able to save the day right away and it wasn’t pretty.  I had hoped that maybe she learned from that incident but it seemed she didn’t.  In this book she pulled out some lame plan that, shockingly, failed almost before it started and ended up getting a couple of people killed.  It also led to a moment with Reyes that I am still scratching my head about.  I am not sure what happened, why it happened or what the purpose of if was.

In previous books, I have questioned the progression of Charley and Reyes and while they have moved forward in a romantic sense they still have so many secrets.  Their secrets even have secrets.  There is a new character introduced in Sixth Grave, The Dealer, who is very intriguing but he brought up even more issues that Charley and Reyes have with each other.  After six books, I kind of want some answers,  I am not asking for everything to given to me but just a little something here and there, and answer or two, maybe.  Oddly I never doubt how Reyes feels about Charley but I wonder if it will ever be enough when it comes to the whole save the world thing.  I wish I had confidence they will be ok.

It sounds like I didn’t like the book, but I did.  Sixth Grave has a lot of laugh out loud moments and it is interesting from start to finish.  Reyes is one seriously sexy beast and I could read page after page of his thoughts.  I still count this as one of my favorite series and really look forward to the next book as were left with another big cliffhanger with no idea what the repercussions of it will be.  Charley and Reyes fans should grab this one up and once read, if you could come back and let me know what you think, I would appreciate it!  I am curious how long standing fans feel about this one.  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

I lost my virginity, but I still have the box it came in.

Rating: B-
Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones
May 20th 2014 by St. Martin’s Press
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  1. Marie Brown says

    I can not wait till Saturday (cuz that’s when I get well my hubby does anyway 😉 ) so I can get my copy of Sixth Grave. LOOOOVE Darynda Jones!

  2. Jary says

    I love this series. If you have not read it yet you don’t know what you are missing. Great characters, great writing, awesome storyline and the heroine is kick ass.

  3. Misty S. says

    I get so excited every year when each book comes out! I have been hooked since First Grave and like to think of each book release day as a 2nd Christmas! :) Can’t wait for 5/20/2014!!!!

  4. Lissa Garcia says

    One of my favorite series! LOVE to read what Charley, Reyes, Cookie, and Ubie are up to!

  5. Natalie says

    I totally understand being frustrated with characters/love interests not progressing. I read The Hollows series and it took Kim Harrison 12 books to get her characters together, so right now I have the patience for Charley. I just love this series and always look forward to the next book!

  6. Samantha says

    Darynda Jones’ Charley Davidson series is my very favorite. I have recommended them to my sister, mother, aunt and cousin and they also have become fans. Each book is better than the last, and that’s saying something since I thought the first book was stellar. Unique, interesting, funny, full of heart, and super hot romance- what more could you ask for? Oh- and by the way I CANNOT WAIT TO READ ABOUT MR. WONG!!!!!! :-)

  7. Linda Deuel says

    Looking forward to 12:01 am when my audio book is released. Love Charley & Reyes.

  8. Christina G. says

    I love this series and am so excited about the book release ! Thanks for the great review!

  9. Jenny says

    I am so excited for this book. I have high hopes for it. Hoping this review was harsh though. I really want good things for Charley and Reyes.

  10. says

    There are times I’ve wanted to kick Charley in the pants and ask her what planet she’s living on. Then again, I feel the same way about most of my best friends too! =D I love all of Darynda’s characters (special love to Reyes, of course) and how many qualities I identify with myself are woven into each one.

  11. Pamela Gaunt says

    I absolutely love this series and can’t wait till tomorrow to pick up my copy! Thank you for the review.

  12. Heather Coats aka BFF says

    Hi BFF! Sooooo excited for book 6 woot woot. I’ve been drinking extra coffee in ur honor.

  13. rinib says

    Thanks for the review! and yes, sometimes I feel like shaking some sense into Charley :)

  14. Trish Dechant says

    Sixth Grave rocked and exceeded all my expectations. It was stellar! Love ya, D :)

  15. Christina Crihfield says

    Thanks for your review! I love the books, but I often feel like Charlie should do so something more, too. I also have questions, but I have so much fun with the books that I just put those thoughts out of my mind and enjoy them for what they are. I look forward to watching Charlie evolve, and I think she will, just very slowly!

  16. Selena Mc says

    Hi Jen! Great review! I’m reading it now & can’t wait to see how it plays out. I just love this series. No one makes me laugh out loud like Charlie & her crew :)

  17. JB DarkScythe says

    What an awesome author Darynda is! I love this series & cannot wait to envelope myself in the lives of Charley & Reyes & all the others!

  18. Shy@Doctor's Notes says

    I am listening to this one right now and loving it so far. Great review.

  19. Patty says

    Love this series! So excited to get home and read my copy. :) I had to preorder so I would have it right away! Can not wait to see what Charley’s answer will be. Great review! Thanks. :)

  20. Sam says

    I adore this series, and am torn between saving this book for my holiday in three weeks or devouring this weekend…. Decisions, decisions….

  21. Suzan Lacey says

    I’m just starting this today! I love the series and the humour in it! I really hope Reyes and Charley get a happy ending cause I love Reyes and never doubt him when it comes to Charley and wanting to get away from the path his father tries to force him on to!

  22. says

    Just bought it and cannot wait to start it. Will probably read most of it tonight. Love all of her books and cannot wait until book 7 comes out.

  23. says

    I have been eagerly awaiting this book because this is one of my go-to series when I need a book I know for sure I will love and devour. Darynda Jones is one of the very best at what she does, but I agree that Charley doesn’t seem to grow much, really, or to learn from her mistakes. Neither does Reyes, really. So, while I love both characters and really enjoy their adventures, I am with you on the self-awareness and personal growth front. If it doesn’t appear in this book, maybe something will happen in #7? I hope so. Because one of the great things about a series of books, instead of an individual one, is watching the main characters go through changes.

  24. says

    I am anxiously awaiting my signed copy that I splurged on back in December :) I may have to pull an allnighter when it shows up :)

  25. Angela S says

    This is one of the best series ever! I can’t help but laugh out loud while reading about Charley’s antics.