Review: Since I Saw You by Beth Kery

Since I Saw You by Beth Kery Because You Are Mine series #4Since I Saw You is book 4 in Beth Kery’s Because You Are Mine series.  The series started out as a serial and was Ian and Francesca’s story.  Over the course of four books they have found their HEA and we have been introduced to other characters.  In Because We Belong we met Kam, another of Ian’s half brothers.  Kam is the only one of the brothers to actually know their father and that is not a good thing.  Ian found Kam living in less than ideal conditions and working on pet projects.

The pet projects are actually brilliant inventions and they are able to sell one and give Kam some money to possibly start his own company.  That is up in the air and until he decides what he really wants to do Ian has invited Kam to come stay with them.  Ian will set up meetings with several premier watch companies and Kam will meet with them and determine his next steps.

Ian has asked Lin Soong to take on the task of making Kam socially acceptable.  That means spending a lot of time with him and coaching him on the ways of business.  When the pairs ends up in bed after their first meeting, they both know it will be challenging to keep their hands off each other.  As Lin tries to guide Kam through the meetings she works to find a balance between how she feels for him and all the things that are changing in her life.  As for Kam, he wants Lin, for business and pleasure and he will do what he can to have her.

Overall the plot is fairly simple.  Kam and Lin want each other but are two very different people.  Lin is very controlled and has been in love with Ian for a long time.  This was my main problem with the book.  Ever since the first installment of the serial I have been a huge lover of Ian and Francesca.  Lin has not been my favorite.  Though she has never tried anything with Ian, each book has quietly noted her feelings for him.  So when Kam shows up, looking almost exactly like Ian, and she hops into bed with him, I wondered at her motives.  Kam was a very appealing character so I would have stopped wondering if Lin didn’t constantly thought about those feeling for Ian.   There were references too far into the book about her feelings and I wasn’t sure I ever bought into her wanting Kam instead of Ian.

Kam really stood out though.  He was a strong character.  He lived most of his life in isolation and had a hellish upbringing however he knew what he wanted from life.  He knew what he wanted to happen with his technology and he made it happen.  He knew what he wanted with Lin and even with her devotion to Ian, Kam pulled her to his side.  He was a force of nature and though he was not used to social settings his confidence in his intelligence and his product came through loud and clear.  His relationship with Ian was fun to watch also.  They are so alike in their determination, genius and focus.

“At least I was willing to show up tonight. More than you can say.”

“So you actually want me there?” she demanded, giving him a sideways glare.

“I figured you’re the best bet I have.”

Her nostrils flared slightly as the faced off in the silence.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Ian said.  Both Lin and he turned to look at him.  “Yeah, I’m still here,” Ian said drolly under his breath.

Beth Kery can write some pretty amazing sex scenes and this book has some good ones.  They are so intense and hot.  Normally I think the amount of sex she has in a book is the perfect amount however in Since I Saw You, I think there was too much.  The reason I probably feel like that is because I still needed more emotional connection between Kam and Lin.  I think they needed to sit down and talk more instead of have so much sex.  That is an odd thing for me to say but the sex was overpowering the development of their feelings, or at least how I need to see their feelings develop.

Since I Saw You is still a good book.  Ms. Kery writes complex characters and scenes that allow the reader to immerse themselves in the book.  When you pick this one up, you will find it easy to lose yourself in Kam and Lin’s story.  It is also nice to follow-up with the couples from the previous book especially Ian and Francesca, as I have made no secret of my love for them.  Erotic romance lovers should enjoy this one as they almost all of Ms. Kery’s book.  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

Ian just stared at him, his mouth hanging open.  “You fucking little bastard,” he said dazedly after a moment.

“I’m a fucking bigger bastard than you,” Kam muttered through his teeth.

Rating: B
Since I Saw You by Beth Kery
May 6th 2014 by Berkley Trade
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