Review: Sibling Rivals by Summer Devon

Sibling Rivals by Summer DevonSibling Rivals opens up with Mark, the golden child, telling his parents he is gay.  He is dating Colin and Colin feels like they shouldn’t have to hide how they feel for each other.  It doesn’t go well and Colin and Mark are allowed to stay the night but they must leave in the morning.  Peter, the misfit, is Mark’s younger brother and the one to share a room with Colin that one night.  Peter cannot get sexual thoughts of Colin out of his head but tells himself to think of his girlfriend instead.

Mark coming out caused a rift between the couple and they broke up.  That didn’t keep Colin and Peter from keeping in touch via email and when Peter graduates from college he needs a place to stay while he is looking for a home in his new area.  Reluctantly, Colin agrees to let him stay with him not knowing that Mark would be along for the ride.

Days later it becomes clear that crazy things are happening.  Peter wants Colin, Mark wants Colin, Colin doesn’t know what the heck is going on and they will all be spending time together when a family emergency comes up.  Who knows how things will end up between the brothers and the man they want.

My main problem with Sibling Rivals was I didn’t connect with any of the characters. Colin is not the strongest of personalities.  He mentions several times his desperation for a warm body and someone to lay with.  He comes off as weak and needy for most of the book.  He has strong moments were he is fending off Mark but even those are half-hearted.  He has internal dialogue thinking of ways to get Peter to experience his first time with a man and those were just very unappealing.  I understand being attracted to the wrong person but Colin was in a rut in his life and he never made much effort to get out.

Mark hung around too long for my tastes.  I know he is in the story to act as a counterbalance to Peter but he got old.  Fast.  He was too deceptive and wishy-washy to make me feel anything for him angry.  I felt like he caused a rift between the characters that were supposed to be our main couple and that distracted from the story.

Peter was, well, he was just there.  The story started out with him having a strong voice but he kind of fizzled.  He was interesting at the beginning and then he turned into just another guy in the story.  I liked how he kind of stood up to his parents and how he went his own way when it came to his future but when it was all said and done, unfortunately he didn’t stand out for doing anything memorable.  And what is it with picking the same guy that relieved his brother of his virginity.  That is awkward.

Overall, I didn’t connect with Sibling Rivals because the characters were not my favorite.  Sibling Rivals is a fast read and I will consider trying this author again.  I have heard good things about her historical romances so maybe I will start there.  Final grade- C-

Favorite Quote:

“Are you going to keep insulting me or suck my dick?  You could try doing both.  I don’t mind.”

Rating: C-
Sibling Rivals by Summer Devon
October 1st 2013 by Samhain
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