Review: Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day

She met his gaze with difficulty.  She couldn’t explain why she felt as she did, but it was almost as if the intimacies she had witnessed that night in the woods had been between Caulfield and herself, not another woman.  Something profound has transpired in the moment they’d first become aware of each other in the darkness.  A connecting thread had been sewn between them, and she had no notion how to sever it.  She knew things about the man she should not know, and there was no way for her to return to blissful ignorance.

After reading Bared to You by Sylvia Day I felt like I needed to search out more of Ms. Day’s work.  There was a certain yummy naughtiness to that first book I had read by her that I Seven Years To Sin Sylvia Daywanted to see if it was the same with her earlier books.  Lucky for me, I actually came across Seven Years to Sin on my kindle and decided that was a good place to start!

The night before her wedding, Jessica witnessed a shocking event.  While out walking her dog she stumbled across Alistair Caulfield with a woman.  Intending to turn away she is stopped when Caulfield makes eyes contact with her and says one word “Wait”.  With that one word Caulfield creates a connection between the two of them Jessica is unable to break.  She stands and watches as Caulfield finishes with the other woman.  As she watches she learns that he is actually being paid to service the woman.  Unable to watch any longer she breaks off contact and runs back to the house.

Many years pass and Jessica is a widow when she comes in contact with Caulfield again.  Jessica is leaving London to get away from the overwhelming grief everyone around her is feeling.  She is sailing to Jamaica to deal with some property her late husband left her and Caulfield has arranged it to be his ship that she is to sail on.  With the death of her husband he feels he has been given a second opportunity for them to form a relationship and weeks at sea together will be the way to make it happen.

Seven Years to Sin is a very sensual book.  It is all about Jessica and Alistair meeting again and exploring the passion they feel for each other.  I went looking for a naughty book and I sure got one.  The sparks between the couple will just leap off the page at you.  They leave nothing unexplored.  I loved Alistair and his pursuit of Jessica.  He is unashamedly honest with her.  He explains why he was accepting money for sex in his younger years and does so unapologetically.  He needs Jessica to accept him as he is or really not at all.  And it was very easy to see that Jessica meant much more to him than just the simple fulfilling of 7 years of lust.

Jessica was a good match for Alistair even though I thought she was overshadowed by his personality.  I was much more interested in him than her.  She has abuse in her past that makes her wary of men.  I believe that she uses the relationship with Alistair to help her move forward in her life.  That is ok at first but I had some hints of anxiety that she might dump on him once she got what she wanted.  Luckily that wasn’t the case!

If you are looking for a book with a similar theme as Bared to You this would be a pretty safe bet.  Alistair and Gideon have some similarities and I can see how Bared to You could have stemmed from Seven Years to Sin.  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

“I have wanted you for so long now,” he said roughly, “I’ve no memory of how it feels to be devoid of the craving.  But you must know what you do.  I need you to think of who you are and where you are and who I am.  Think of how things will be once we’ve crossed this threshold.  Think of how you will leave this cabin- disheveled and well fucked.  Think of how you will sit across the table from me at supper, surrounded by men you will know the minute they look at you that I’ve had you long and hard this day.”

Rating: B
Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day
August 30th 2011 by Kensington Brava
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  1. Daniela Koff says

    Sounds like my kind of book, your review made me want to check it out. Is it a contemp or historical? I like both, but I can’t tell from that cover – her dress can be a old fashion dress but can also be a modern bride dress…

  2. Tine_M says

    Do you know how historical? Like “I take my mobile phone and ring my mother” or more like “What’s a car? We are all riding horses”???
    Your review is really really good, would be gorgeous if you answer =D
    greetings =D