Review: Screwing the System by Josephine Myles

 Screwing the System by Josephine MylesI’m excited when a new release comes out from Josephine Myles because I love her writing style and voice. It’s very unique, quirky, filled with “cheeky” characters, always hot, and often playful. She’s English and I love how that shines through in her characters and books.

Screwing the System is heavy on the “daddy kink” and focused on a budding relationship filled with lots of mild BDSM sex between Cosmo, a young musician, and Alasdair, a slightly older distinguished businessman. Cosmo is a bit lost in life and just wants to make and play music. He goes to a job interview (which he plans to fail) and meets Alasdair – think George Clooney in the looks department. The younger guy/older guy trope in m/m does not skeev me out at all, so I was on board from the beginning with this book. Cosmo and Alasdair both come into the relationship towing a very full set of baggage with them. But they each really have something the other needs and they make a good match.

While I enjoyed the overall premise of the story, loved each character on their own, and their chemistry together, there was so much sex in this book. I understand Cosmo needed to explore the kinky side of sex and how it was turning him on and Alasdair seemed to be working out years of unsatisfied sex, but sometimes I found myself craving scenes of Cosmo and Alasdair just hanging out with each other and talking. Josephine Myles always writes stellar dialogue between characters and I really wanted more of that in this book. I never thought I would use the words “too much sex” in a review, but by two-thirds into the book I found myself wanting to skip some of the sex scenes with the hopes the story would get down to the real nitty-gritty of these two men figuring out their relationship and making a go of it (outside of the bedroom..or the kitchen table…or the back of the couch.) Eventually we get to that and I loved the way Alasadair finally tells Cosmo about a man he once loved. That was a beautiful scene. There is more opening up and sharing between the two men, I just wish it came a little sooner.

Overall, I enjoyed Cosmo and Alasdair and their sex was often hot and dirty (just the way I like it), I just wanted more time with them outside the sex scenes.

Favorite Quote:

This time, Alasdair let Cosmo wrap his lips around the head, filling his mouth with a rich flavour. The man must have been rubbing himself with crack cocaine or something, because one suck and Cosmo was an addict.

Rating: C+
Screwing the System by Josephine Myles
February 12th 2013 by Samhain Publishing
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