Review: Saffron Nights by Liz Everly

“It takes 70,000 crocus flowers to produce one pound of saffron,” Fatima said.  “One acre will yield only ten pounds of saffron.  Only three stigmas are produces by each crocus flower, plus the delicate stigmas can only be picked by hand.”

Saffron Nights Liz EverlyMaeve and Jackson have been paired up on many cookbooks.  Maeve is the writer, Jackson the photographer and “Chef” the one who does the actual cooking and recipe making.  The have been asked to do a book on aphrodisiacs but when Chef is murdered the state of the book is left in flux.  When they attend the funeral, Chef’s wife gives them a book of recipes with extensive research on aphrodisiacs around the world.  Chef and his wife had a very open marriage and passion of any sort was their thing.  With the new cookbook Maeve and Jackson are given the go ahead on the project.

Jackson is known as “America’s Most Eligible Bachelor” and even though they have worked together on several books this project is the first time Jackson and Maeve meet in person.  Maeve can instantly see why he is looked at as such a catch but vows to resist him.  Resisting him will be very hard considering the nature of their new book and the fact that she is a very sensual, sexually adventurous person.

Jackson and Maeve travel from location to location looking for and trying new aphrodisiacs.  As they travel it becomes obvious that whoever murdered Chef is also out for them but they have no idea why.  People connected to them keep dying and if they don’t want to be next they must find out what is going on.

Saffron Nights started out very strong for me.  Maeve and Jackson’s first meeting is pretty funny.  Jackson is a noted womanizer and Maeve has no problem calling him on it.  I liked their chemistry and the banter.  But then things got odd, and that is the best way I can describe the rest of the book.  Odd.  Jackson went from lovable womanizer to whiny manwhore.  The first time they have a sexual scene together they are interrupted and Jackson gets angry that Maeve doesn’t take up where they left off.  He gets pissed that she leaves him hanging.  It wasn’t a funny, ha ha scene, it was uncomfortable.

From then on the sexuality in the book was strange.  People seemed to be tripping over each other for sexual contact.   Each place they visited there seemed to be some sort of sexual pull to someone else other than our main characters.  I won’t say any of it was cheating because I never felt like the H/h were ever together in any sort of relationship.  It might have seemed like they should be but there were just too many other things going on.  I can’t go into detail or I would give away spoilers but even one of our main couples sex scene’s was so very strange.

I will say that I learned a whole lot about aphrodisiacs.  There was no detail spared on the research in that area.  Whether saffron, tea, mushrooms that make a woman orgasm just by smell, papaya…this book was a tell all on sex food.  The research on saffron alone was extensive.  I know now all there is to know about it.

The suspense plot was a bit surprising.  I wasn’t too interested in it as the story went along but then when it wrapped up I found it to be a little more interesting.  Everything didn’t go quite as I expected it would.  I won’t say anything on this front because it better left for the reader to figure out on their own.

Overall I couldn’t get past the oddness of the sex and each sexual situation.  Sometimes if felt like the scenes themselves were tripping on something or I was watching them through psychedelic glasses.  My explanation is probably not any better but that is the best way I can describe it.  Final grade- C-

Rating: C-
Saffron Nights by Liz Everly
February 7th 2013 by Kensington Books
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  1. says

    “Sometimes if felt like the scenes themselves were tripping on something or I was watching them through psychedelic glasses”.

    That would make me dizzy with my progressive lenses. I think I’ll pass. :)