Review: Sabine And The Beast by Moira Rogers

Sabine (And the Beast #1)Sabine and the Beast is a very emotional tale set in a fantasy world of shifters. When Cian, the high lord returns from war seeking out his intended mate, he finds her alone and cursed. Sabine’s curse is heartbreakingly tragic. Anyone she has ever known and loved will eventually forget her. Physical contact only accelerates curse and she is doomed to a life of loneliness. When her love returns from war she faces her greatest heartbreak; Cian will forget her before they can find a way to break the curse.

Cian is a warrior, strong, alpha and sexy just the way we like’em. After returning from a long and bloody war he is determined to find a way to break the curse and claim his beloved mate.

Right away my heart went out to Sabine. Her circumstances are just so very tragic and her curse incredibly cruel. Living day to day with no hope, having everyone she knows forget who she is, and knowing that if the man she loves does manage to return to her, he too will eventually forget her.

This story had a dreamy fairy tale feel to it, which is something a little different from what I’m used to from Moira Rogers. Although this was a very quick read and focused mainly on the romance, the setting felt very natural was built up naturally as the love story played out.

If you’ve read Moira Rogers before then you’ll be expecting this story to bring the heat along with the romance. Don’t worry, you will not be disappointed. Sabine and Cian face a complication in that physical contact accelerates the effects of the curse. But they don’t let that stop them and they find creative ways around their limitations in their rediscovery of each other. Even though the effects of the curse are inevitable, their love forges a connection between them that cannot be broken.

I enjoyed Sabine and the Beast and look forward to more fairy tale style stories set in the this world.

Favorite Quote:

“You will touch yourself at my command. Your hands, my will.” He smiled at her as he tugged his boot free, a wicked smile with a feral edge she would recognize.

Sabine And The Beast by Moira Rogers
May 3rd 2011 by Samhain
Paranormal Romance
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    Ha! Second review I read for this book today. I bought it after reading Emily’s review, then your popped up in my inbox and made me doubly happy that I got it! ;)