Review: Run the Risk by Lori Foster

Run The Risk Lori FosterRun the Risk is the first book in a new series by Lori FosterMs Foster is the master of writing a series with three or four books and interconnecting characters.  Over the past ten years, I think i have probably read six or seven similar series written by her.  I can always count on fast paced books with yummy alpha heroes that know how to smex it up.  Run the Risk follows that pattern pretty closely.

Pepper Yates is in hiding.  She has dulled herself down to the point where nobody in their right mind would look twice at her.  To protect her and her brother, Rowdy, she must be as inconspicuous as possible.  Unfortunately, her next door neighbor Logan won’t get the hint.  Each time she comes home he seems to be waiting for her and he is usually shirtless, sweaty and all to delicious looking.  Pepper knows she isn’t the best thing to look at so she believes Logan has an ulterior motive for trying to get her attention.

Logan, in fact, does have an ulterior motive.  Pepper’s brother was the only witness to the murder of his best friend.  He is a cop in charge of the task force for nailing the guy who did it.  When a reporter Rowdy talked to shows up dead Rowdy goes into hiding and the only way to find him is through his sister.

Pepper is so desperate for human contact that she forms a tentative relationship with Logan.  They have a couple of dinners together and then some very odd rounds of sex.  This part was very intriguing.  Pepper would have sex with Logan but only in the dark, with all her clothes on and he couldn’t touch her.  As a reader it drove me crazy wanting to know what Pepper was hiding.  Was she overweight, horribly scarred, super skinny??  What?  So you can imagine Logan’s reaction was a pretty similar one.

Rowdy talks Pepper into distracting Logan with sex so he can break into his house.  Rowdy only wants to protect Pepper and he believes that Logan is not on the up and up.  Logan overhears the plan and has one of his cop buddies grab Rowdy for questioning during the break in.  Pepper quickly realizes what is happening and figures out that Logan is not what he seems and was just using her to get close to Rowdy.  This leads to the real Pepper Yates making an appearance.

Pepper is really young, skinny, hot and strong-willed.  How she managed to keep all that down for two years is a mystery to me but she did.  She was never very likable though.  At the beginning of the book she was timid as a mouse and not just because she was supposed to be in character.  She had no spine when it came to anything.  She was scared of Logan, scared of being caught and scared of her own shadow.  Then she makes a miraculous transformation that wasn’t all that believable.  All of the sudden she is large and in charge except it really came across as brash and bitchy.  She was angry at Logan and wanted to make him pay but still wanted to have sex with him.  So she made it clear she was just going to use him.

Logan for his part wasn’t very bright about it either.  The whole book he rationalized what he was doing.  He thought Pepper would just instantly forgive him once she knew why he was after Rowdy.  It was as if he thought she wouldn’t have the brains to do anything but forgive him.  He wasn’t as bad as Pepper because I understood his motives a little better.  He always had Pepper’s well-being or protection in mind even if he was a boob about it.

The suspense has a bit of a twist to it.  There is someone in the police force that Logan and his friend Reese trust that is also working for the bad guy.  There were never any names mentioned on who the bad cop is so maybe that will be part of the next book too?  The plot also introduces us to the players in the next three books.  The men will be Reese, Rowdy and Dash (Logan’s brother).  Each plays a part in this book so we get to know them better.

Ms. Foster writes fast paced books that are enjoyable yet never very serious.  This would be a good vacation read because it is fun and sexy.  Final grade- C

Favorite  Quote:

“Last night, Pepper proved she’s not exactly a delicate flower.”  She’d proved…..something.  Logan didn’t know what.

“Stow it.”

“In fact, Dash was afraid you’d knock a hole in the wall, the way you two were rocking that bed.”

His temples pounded.  “Shut up.”

Rating: C
Run the Risk by Lori Foster
September 25th 2012 by Harlequin
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    I couldn’t finish this one. And based on your review, I’m glad I didn’t. Pepper’s character gave me whiplash. And I got distracted when I would read ‘Pepper’ and ‘Mr. Stark’ because I would think of the movie Iron Man.