Review: Rule Breaker by Lora Leigh

Rule Breaker is one of, what I would call, the original Breeds.  In other words, he has been around for a while.  Sometimes when you get 29 books in, you have to add some characters along the way.  Rule, with his brother Lawe, have been enforcers at Jonas’ side for as long as I can remember.  Lawe found his mate in book 26 but Rule has always sworn if he ever found his mate he would run far and fast.  He watched his parents butchered in front of each other and knew he would never be able to see something like happen to his mate, so his way of solving that is to just never mate.

Rule Breaker Lora Leigh Breeds series #29The Breeds have come a long way but there is the ever-present Council trying to ruin things for them.  The Council was not the biggest problem here though.  They started out as creating the problem by having Gypsy’s brother killed thus bringing her to the attention of the Breeds, and Rule, however this was not the focus.  The focus is on Amber, Jonas’ daughter, who was injected with something that is causing her to die.  Only the Unknown Breeds, a handful of people obviously unknown, know how to fix what is happening to little Amber.  Gypsy happens to be the contact for one of these Unknown so while Jonas has always watched over her because of what happened to her brother, he also watches her because she can provide the one man who can fix his daughter.

The mating part of the book was kind of interesting.  Rule is absolutely convinced that Gypsy is not his mate because he has been around her for years without the slightest hint of the gland activating.  That turns out to not be the case because his animal was pulling a little trick on him and making it to where he would be so in deep with Gypsy before he realized the mating, that he wouldn’t be able to turn back.  There is a moment of pure Breed assholeness when he does realize she is his mate and I wanted to reach through pages and punch him in an important part.  Ms. Leigh does the arrogant alpha male well though and from then on we are treated to what I come to expect from these books.  She is his and damn the torpedoes.

Rule Breaker was so mixed for me.  I remember the original Breed books as being 100 pages of dirty sex with little plot.  Somehow the series has evolved to 450 page books with plot enough to make my head spin plus that dirty sex.  29 books calls for a lot of people and a lot of connections that I am supposed to remember.  So while we still have pages and pages of language like this,

“I believe Breeds listen often when they can’t smell the sweet scent of all that female honey spilling like hot syrup on a summer day,”


The pleasure that surged through her at the contact stole her breath.  Like a thousand tiny, heated caresses over her flesh.  Just hot enough to emphasize the pleasure and tighten the sexual tension clenching with sharp strikes of sexual intensity at her womb while slickening the inner flesh of her pussy.

there are still so many plot lines going on that I think the reader could easily get lost.  Even the epilogue wasn’t your typical epilogue.  It was another way to set up books for the future.  By that point, I kind of wanted to yell, Give it a rest!  I cannot stress enough that if you are new to this series, do not start at this book.  You will be so lost.  I am not new to the series and there were times I had to go back and reread parts.

There are several characters that Ms. Leigh keeps us stringing along for.  Cassie, Dog and Dane are screaming for their own books.  Cassie is finally old enough to where it wouldn’t be creepy to see her mate.  Dane has supposedly given away his mate though we did get the first hint here that it might not have been 100% the case.  Dog, well he is everywhere and everything.  There is a new badass introduced, Rhyzan, and I would like his story as soon as possible too.  Plus there are two other characters Gideon and Judd that are mysterious in their intentions but will need mates too.

So yes, I was confused.  Yes, I was scandalized.  Yes, I will continue to read this series.  After 29 books, I am in deep and I need to know what happens to some of these people.  Fans of the series will enjoy watching Rule fall even if you might be scratching your head along the way.  Final grade- C

Favorite Quote:

“I’m hungry and I’m pissed off and I really just want to kick Breaker’s ass with a little privacy, if none of you care.”

“And here I wanted to sell tickets,” Lawe murmured.

“Well, doesn’t it suck to be you?”

Rating: C
Rule Breaker by Lora Leigh
February 4th 2014 by Berkley
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  1. Amanda says

    I think this review has hit on the reason I haven’t gotten around to reading the last several Breed books yet. It seems odd to say that I would like less plot in a book but in this series case its so true.

  2. says

    Yeesh. 29 books. I’ve skipped around in this series and read some good books and some stinkers. I think I’d probably enjoy it more if I read in order but 29 books is a commitment. LOL

  3. Angela says

    I think I stopped at 26 or 27. I can’t remember. Haven’t decided if I want to get back to this series or not.

  4. says

    LOL … great review. I agree with almost everything you said – and yes, I will continue to read these books because they are crack to me. I have to say that I thought Rule Breaker was a little better focused than some of the previous stories, and I was thankful for some sort of conclusion on one of the many story lines. *cheers*

    • says

      I can’t help it. Even though a part of me recognizes they are a silly concept, I still like them. And this one felt like we were finally moving forward.

  5. Helyce says

    Great review! These books have been cracky for me as well since I found them years ago. I can’t stop-even with the severe editing problems that have occured of late. Like Jen Twimom states, I felt there was a bit more focus with this one and I was just happy to get a teeny bit of closure with the whole Amber issue. Like you, I’m too intrigued by who Cassie will end up with and yes, Dane’s situation as well-though I can’t recall who he supposedly gave up and to whom?

    • says

      I can’t remember her name but there was that scene where he talked about seeing her with her mate? Maybe getting out of a car? It was short and for some reason I want to say she was pregnant. My initial thoughts are that she wasn’t his mate and his mistook her for it?

  6. Audra says

    I stopped at Jonas book because there are so many plot lines going that I can’t keep them all straight, but I also think Leigh can’t either. Her last few books have had such huge editing, and continuity issues that I get so confused. Was this the case here, or were there still issues? Also….. Rhyzan? When I first read it I thought it was like raisin…. Ha!

    • says

      Now that you said that he will forever be raisin to me. lol There were still issues here but I didn’t notice it to be the huge trainwreck it has been in the past. Or let’s say they didn’t jump out to me as much?

  7. says

    I actually just finished book three, Elizabeth’s Wolf, today and so far it’s my favorite. It felt a little more polished than the first two and I loved little Cassie. I expected once the books got past the twenty mark Cassie would be an adult and would get a book but after reading Helyce’s comment I see it has not happened yet. I’m also betting that once the series switched from EC to Berkley they are less smutty. True?

    • says

      I wouldn’t necessarily say that. It is still Lora Leigh. We still have a lot talk of penis barbs and what not. I think the main difference is there is a ton of plot whereas before there was a ton of smut and not much else.