Review: The Redhead Plays Her Hand by Alice Clayton

It has been a long wait for book three of the Redhead series, especially considering where readers were left in The Redhead Revealed. In my review for The Redhead Revealed I said, “I mentioned about that I did not care for May/Dec relationships where the man was the younger party.  But something that really surprised me was that Jack ended up being the mature one in this relationship.”  The Redhead Plays Her Hand was the exact opposite.  Finally, we see Grace come into her own and Jack act like the 24-year-old that he is.

The Redhead Plays Her Hand Alice Clayton, The Redhead series

Let’s back up, Grace is filming a new series in LA and Jack is all over the place.  He has started a new movie where he plays a soldier and has signed on with some new cast members.  One of his new cast members is Hollywood bad boy, Adam.  There is a reason Adam is known as the bad boy but he is able to pull one over on Jack and convince him he is a good guy.  So wherever Jack goes, Adam is always there.

Grace refuses to play the part of Jack’s mother but makes no secret of her dislike of Adam.  Adam is into all the things that can get a star in trouble, heavy drinking, drugs and fast women.  Suddenly Jack is drinking more, his personality has changed and he is doing things to really let Grace down.  Grace has her hands full with her new show and dodging the paparazzi and their endless questions about her and Jack, not to mention she is told she needs to lose 15 pounds for her new role.  The pressure of fame has finally caught up with Jack and is affecting him and Grace.  They fight more than normal, he is belligerent with her and will not listen to anything she has to say about Adam inviting the press to follow them.

Eventually something has to give and that something is Jack.  The reader is made aware that Jack is doing drugs before Grace actually figures it out.  The signs are all there but she is in a state of denial about it.  The person she would normally turn to, Jack, is not himself anymore so we see her lean more on super agent Holly and Michael, her ex and now writer for the show.  When Jack does the unthinkable and ruins the premiere and opening night of her new show Grace tries to set him straight only to have Jack walk out and not come back.

The Redhead Plays Her Hand was wonderful and difficult at the same time.  Jack was always the steady one so to watch him descend to a such a low place was not easy.  One thing I am extremely grateful for is that in all of Jack’s partying and drinking the issue of cheating never came up.  I am not sure I could have forgiven if after three books that was brought into the picture.

The wonderful part was with Grace.  When the book opens up Grace is told to lose 15 pounds and she does her best.  For the most part it happens but it happens in unhealthy ways.  Eating air, as she puts it, catches up to her and she puts all the weight back on and then some more.  Grace is a size 8 with a very active and healthy lifestyle and once she realizes that, it was awesome to watch her go on the offensive.  She becomes Hollywood’s beauty queen instead of fat girl.  People like her curves.

Of course Jack (Sweet Nuts) and Grace (George) work things out but only after we see rock bottom for Jack.  Eventually their relationship goes public in a brilliant way that had me grinning nonstop.  Then the end was completely sigh worthy.  Overall, I liked this last book in our Redhead series.  The wait was long but it was worth it.  This series follows the highs and lows of a Hollywood relationship and it does with sexiness and great humor.  This is a must read for contemporary romance lovers.  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

“I’m so in love with you, Grace.”  He looked down at me, my sweet, broken, wonderful boy.  “And I’m dying to kiss you.”

I raised up on my tippy toes as he leaned down.  “I’m kind of dying for you to kiss me.”

Rating: B+
The Redhead Plays Her Hand by Alice Clayton
December 17th 2013 by Gallery Books
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