Review: After the Rain by Daisy Harris

After the Rain (Fire and Rain #2) by Daisy Harris Before I get into my review I just want give a cyber high five to whomever designs the beautiful covers for this series. They make my inner cover whore jump for joy every time I see them.

The second book in Daisy Harris’s Fire and Rain series tells the story of Henri and Logan. If you haven’t read the first book in this series, From the Ashes, Henri is Jesse’s friend and co-worker. He’s a sarcastic city boy with bad taste in men, good taste in fashion and  a lot of experience dating. He is in kind of a rut and a little bit depressed after breaking up with his boyfriend, and that’s before he realizes that his cheating ex might have given him a sexually transmitted disease. He currently lives with his friend Michael, which is not the happiest of arrangements, works part time at a coffee shop and is a full time student with no idea what he really wants to do with his life. He goes with his friends on a camping trip hoping to keep his mind off his crappy living situation, stressful health condition and his ongoing fascination with his ex, but then he meets Logan and doesn’t know what to think.

Logan is  firefighter from Texas who has finally admitted the truth of his sexuality to himself and his long term girlfriend. Now that he is a free man he’s more than ready to jump into the gay dating game. His only problem is trying to figure out exactly how to go about asking another man for a date. His first try is one of his co-workers, Tomas. He’s quickly turned down, but invited to participate in an upcoming camping trip. That’s when he meets Henri and instantly falls into lust. Not love mind you, because Henri isn’t the warmest of people, but lust.

Henri and Logan are total opposites. While Logan is a good old boy, new to exploring his sexuality and not up for playing mind games of any kind, he’s  so completely different from any man Henri has ever dated that he doesn’t know what to believe. At first he thinks it’s an act, then he accuses Logan of playing stupid, then he pushes him away repeatedly because of his health issue. Henri was not the most likable character at first, but starts to soften when he realizes that Logan is genuine.  These men are extremely attracted to each other, but Henri doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt by something his ex did. Logan has to talk the other man into touching and exploring the safe sex options available to them. And it’s sexy… very, very sexy.

This story takes place over a long weekend camping, so everything moves fast. The getting to know you, falling into bed and the let’s move in and have a relationship. It’s all very fast moving and had that insta-love feel to it, but it has just the right amount of sweet and dirty to make up for it. Logan is so kind, protective and enthusiastic about finally being able to experiment with his sexuality that you can’t help but love him a little. Some of his inner musings are so funny. He and Henri really do make a cute couple at the end, sometimes opposites really do work the best.

In the end, I truly enjoyed this romance, I had a few problems, but this couple worked for me and I really do enjoy this series. I am looking forward to Michael’s book, Nothing But Smoke, which has a release date of June 10, 2014. Final Grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

Yes! Logan’s chest was so puffed up with pride as he walked across the campground to the restaurant that he was surprised a big S wasn’t shining from it. He’d had sex with a man. Okay, not sex exactly. But he’d gotten Henri off. It hadn’t even been difficult. Logan was, like, the cock whisperer.

Rating: B-
After the Rain by Daisy Harris
February 11th 2014 by Samhain
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  1. Liz C. says

    Great review! I’ve got this one on the tbr mountain (along with the first book…). I agree about how awesome the covers are. I totally bought the first book because of the cover caught my eye and the blurb sounded interesting. :) Great quote. Made me laugh out loud!