Review: The Professional: Part 2 by Kresley Cole

The Professional: Part 2 Kresley Cole GameMaker series part 2Part 1 of The Professional left off with Sevastyan and Natalie in a semi-compromised situation.  We learned that if they were to consummate their relationship it would be as good as getting married.  Sevastyan has done a 180 and is ready for that step but Natalie isn’t sure that is what she wants.  It ends up not mattering what Natalie wants because just being with Sevastyan, even without the sex, is enough to leave the impression they are together.  Two hours in a the hot house and things are set in stone for our couple.  Natalie is freaking because she is only 24 and not sure of the forever thing not to mention she has no idea why Sevastyan has had such a change of heart.  The day before he wanted nothing to do with her and now he is all in.  Sevastyan explains that Natalie’s father asked him to wait two weeks for her to settle in before coming near her again.  His two weeks is up and now she is his.

Fool around with an enforcer, and you’ll catch forever.

Just when it seems like one issue is resolved, even if it isn’t to Natalie’s satisfaction, another pops up.  Filip shows up at in her father’s study with a gun demanding he come with him in order to pay off some gambling debts.  Filip has completely lost his mind and in the ensuing tussle Natalie’s father is killed but not before he makes Sevastyan promise to take care of her.

Natalie and Sevastyan go on the run until things at home sort themselves out.  While they are together they explore their sexual relationship but only in the most vanilla of ways.  Eventually Natalie becomes tired of Sevastyan holding himself back and confronts him.  She is scared he will turn to someone else to satisfy his darker needs and the small taste he gave her before has her wanting more.  She cannot convince him to open up emotionally but she knows she must do everything she can to push the sexual issue otherwise any hope of a relationship they might have will end up as nothing.

Part 1 of The Professional was sexy, funny and had me riveted to the pages.  I am not sure what changed but Part 2 didn’t flow the same way for me.  Sevastyan was alpha in Part 1 but in this one he was a pompous jerk.  He took alpha and multiplied it by 1000 and then added some more.  When Natalie wouldn’t have sex with him for fear she would be committed for life he didn’t express any level of understanding, he simply told her he would find someone who would have sex with him.  Talking to Sevastyan was like talking to a brick wall and eventually I wanted Natalie to just stop and walk away.  So what if the dude is hot and can do dirty things to your body, his attitude killed the sexual attraction.

The sex scenes were crazy, smoking hot again.  They are dirty and explicit.  I almost had to keep checking the front of my book to make sure Kresley Cole was the author.  This book is definitely beyond anything she has written before and I am not sure why she kept this hidden!  There are some pretty creative and interesting things going on in this book.  The humor that was in Part 1 also showed up a little here.  It wasn’t as prevalent because Natalie’s best friend was only around for a couple of phone conversations.

My frustration level with Sevastyan was fairly high by the end of this installment and if it wasn’t for the cliffhanger, I likely would not want to read Part 3.  But once again that crazy cliffhanger got me and I can’t wait to see what was behind the curtain.  I also think Part 3 will have Sevastyan opening up more on the emotional front and maybe that will be what I need to get back into him.  I will probably be in the minority on this one but I didn’t enjoy this installment as much as the first.  Final grade- C+

Favorite Quote:

“How the hell do you call Russia from Greece? It’s like trying to figure out rela-fucking-tivity.  And still, I gave it several shots.  Of Ouzo.  Seriously, you have no idea how much your situation is affecting me.  I’ve been stress-eating my way across Greece.”

I frowned.  “You don’t stress-eat-”

“Cock, Natalie.  I was stress-eating cock..  There, you made me say it, happy now?”

Rating: C+
The Professional: Part 2 by Kresley Cole
January 6th 2014 by Pocket Star
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      • says

        Maybe but Sevastyan’s alpha nature really kicked in here. He was an ass sometimes. I saw him as more passionate because he was actively pursuing Natalie whereas in the last installment he had to hold back.

  1. Taz says

    Book 1 started off promising but it went downhill for me from there. If BDSM and little character development your thing, this is the series for you. The repetitive sex got boring, Natalie was a nagging whiner who morphs from a strong, independent woman with backbone in book one, to a spineless sub by the end of book 3. It seems that anal is the current trend for romance writers today. If you’re going to write about anal sex, include the use of a condom and proper hygiene! Sheesh.