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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes The Game Makers; a scorching new erotica series about a young woman desperate to uncover the mysteries of her past and the hit-man bound to protect her.

The Professional: Part 1 Kresley Cole The Game Maker seriesWhen Kresley Cole announced she had a new serial coming out and that it would be hotter than anything she has previous written, the ladies here at Fiction Vixen perked up.  We are all pretty big fans of her Immortals After Dark series so to learn that she was writing erotica was exciting for us.  The serial format gave me a pause because I am all about instant gratification but with certain authors I can accept the wait and Kresley Cole is one of them.

“I’m from Siberia; they call me The Siberian.  End of story.”

Part 1 opens up with Natalie, our heroine, attempting to locate her father by using an investigator.  She has given the man her DNA and patiently waited for his response only to never hear back.  Natalie is in school working towards her Masters and holding down several jobs so money is not something she has a lot of.  She is frustrated and disappointed that she might have chosen a fraud and someone took her money and ran.

She is at a bar with some friends, drinking and working off her frustration.  We immediately learn that Natalie is snarky, funny, likable and a virgin.  Though she sits with her friends and scopes out men not a single one has ever done enough for her to make her want to lose her “skin tag” as her bff calls it.  Her friends go through men like crazy but not Natalie.

“I can’t help it that this is the Bermuda Triangle” -she pointed to her crotch- “when guys venture there, they tend to stay.”

I tapped my chin.  “Oh, I thought you called it that because it’s sucked in lots of seamen.”

When Alexei Sevastyan walks into the bar Natalie sees a man worthy of everything she has been holding on to.  When she approaches Sevastyan he turns her down and leaves the bar.  Natalie isn’t one to linger on things so she shrugs it off and returns to her friends only to find herself unable to forget him.  She takes his memory home with her where she climbs into a hot bath and takes matters into her own hands.  Right when things are getting good she opens her eyes to see Sevastyan leaning over her.

He tells her to get out of the bath, that he is her bodyguard and he is now taking her home to meet her Russian father.  He gives her 5 minutes to pack what she needs and get things sorted.  Natalie freaks out, doesn’t do anything so Sevastyan tosses her over his shoulder and carries her out to the car and minutes later they are on a plane headed to Russia to meet her mafia father and to riches untold.

Part 1 of this series is a riveting, panty dropping, knee-slapping, heck of a good time, book.  Sevastyan is mysterious and sexy.  Rescued from the streets at a young age by Natalie’s father he has been the one to stand at Paxan’s side for many years and now finds himself madly attracted to his daughter.  He is dirty and controlling, liking to have things his way in the bedroom.

“Why do you insist on calling me pet?”

“Maybe because you make a man want to collar and keep you.”

Natalie reminds me of Ellie from Lothaire.  I spent most of the book laughing out loud at her antics and the thoughts that run through her head.  I was thrilled to see there is no drama with her father and he is a loving, kind man just one that runs the Bratva in Russia.

We are left with a resistant Sevastyan, a threat against Natalie from a competing organization and questions about where all this will go.  Part 1 of this serial was extremely enjoyable and Cole fans will love this new direction she is headed.  I feel like I should warn the reader to have a fan and a glass of ice water next to them while reading because this book is scorching hot.  For real.  I cannot wait to see what happens next.  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

Insight: if a guy I had sex with ever carved a notch into his bedpost, I’d tell him to carve one into mine too- and then to go make me a fucking sammich.

Rating: B+
The Professional: Part 1 by Kresley Cole
December 16th 2013 by Pocket Star
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  1. taylor says

    i really liked it- which isnt a surprise because i generally find all of kresley cole’s books to be amazing. i cant wait until part two come out!


  1. […] Part 1 of The Professional left off with Sevastyan and Natalie in a semi-compromised situation.  We learned that if they were to consummate their relationship it would be as good as getting married.  Sevastyan has done a 180 and is ready for that step but Natalie isn’t sure that is what she wants.  It ends up not mattering what Natalie wants because just being with Sevastyan, even without the sex, is enough to leave the impression they are together.  Two hours in a the hot house and things are set in stone for our couple.  Natalie is freaking because she is only 24 and not sure of the forever thing not to mention she has no idea why Sevastyan has had such a change of heart.  The day before he wanted nothing to do with her and now he is all in.  Sevastyan explains that Natalie’s father asked him to wait two weeks for her to settle in before coming near her again.  His two weeks is up and now she is his. […]