Review: Possession by J.R. Ward

Possession by J.R. WardPossession is the 5th book in J.R. Ward’s Fallen Angels series. At this point in the series this book would be very confusing to a reader who hasn’t read the previous installments. The world building has grown complicated and the characters have had too many things happen to pick it all up from here.

I have no idea how to write this review without confusing everyone and making a big giant mess of it all. So I’m going to break it down to the basics.

What I Didn’t Like:

This book feels like the world that this series is set in (which also includes Black Dagger Brotherhood) has taken a turn in a weird direction and seems a bit different from the previous books. Things happen that shocked me in terms of where it can go from here and not necessarily in a good way. I know it’s all make believe, but something just isn’t right. Devina continues to be evil, but in Possession she does something I found so appalling, that her character went from – ooh she’s so interesting when she’s on page – to – ermahgerd I hate her, get her out of here. The souls that Jim needs to save include a heroine who is kind of blah and two possible heroes. Yes, two possibilities, but we’re not talking about threesomes here. And the heroine seems to have some old pent up baggage that I never really figured out, so I never quite bought into her. Jim’s view/feelings/thoughts of Sissy are straight up weird, y’all.

What I Liked:

Sissy Barten. Yep, the 19 year old girl that’s been trapped in hell with Devina – I actually really like her. I like Sissy’s view/feelings/thoughts toward Jim. And there’s a relationship that builds between Sissy and Adrian in this book that I can’t wait to see what happens. Sissy almost feels now like an anchor in this world that gets crazier with every book. I liked that we’re learning more about the place Jim and Adrian are living in, and strange things are happening to it throughout the book, but we don’t know why. We get some of Xhex from BDB and that’s always good for me. I keep having hope something good can happen with Eddie, but maybe Ward is keeping his body around just to yank our chain. That would be just like her.

Overall, the heroes/heroine combo didn’t do much for me and the book itself feels like a bridge to nowhere between the last book and the next one. I guess Sissy was really the focal point of this book, and while I was surprised at how much I really like her, I would also like to see a strong romance between a hero and heroine whose story grips me as much as the secondary characters like Sissy or Adrian. The direction in Possession felt all over the place and I have no clue where the series is going to go from here. I’ll give one more book in this series a chance, and then I may be out.

Rating: C-
Possession by J.R. Ward
October 1st 2013 by Penguin
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  1. Tracy says

    I have been having trouble pulling the trigger with this one…it seems like your reactions to the book are exactly what I was fearing and are why I can’t quite get myself to buy it. Just thinking this makes me feel disloyal to JR Ward…I am afraid she is close to jumping the shark in both series (Angels and BDB), and I’m not sure I have the heart to witness it.