Review: Pierced by Ash Jay

PiercedShaun and his best friend Brett like to bring other guys into the bedroom for some fun. Shaun and Brett are not a couple – just long time best friends who have sex with each other. They  work a hospital, don’t live with each other, and I think they both like men and women. One night, Brett brings home hot guy Chris and the three of them get it on. It’s hot and fairly descriptive considering this book is approximately only 140 pages and has a lot going on in it.

After a night of hot sex, Shaun heads back to work at the hospital as a surgical resident to find himself face to face with Chris – the hot 3rd in the threesome from the night before. And Chris is a superior to Shaun at the hospital. And from there the story takes off. There is A LOT going on in this short novella and A LOT of sex. Eventually Shaun and Chris become exclusive to each other and Brett is out of their bed. But as all the sex is going on, Shaun starts to break down and what I felt was out of nowhere, we find Shaun in the throes of addiction.

I really felt like there was a enough going on just between Shaun and Chris figuring out their relationship that the drug thing really wasn’t needed. Also, it seemed strange to me that the piece of Chris being in a higher position at the hospital and the two of them working together never seemed to be the problem. I ended the book asking myself, “Does anyone have a problem about them working together!?” However I did see some promise with Ash Jay’s writing, and I would read something else by this author. The characters were interesting and the story sped a long. The sex was definitely hot…and plentiful. I guess I could have just used a little less drama in such a short book. I do wonder if Brett is going to get his own story?

Rating: C
Pierced by Ash Jay
January 18th 2013 by Chocolate Erotic Press
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