Review: Past Regrets by Shelley Munro

Past Regrets (Love and Friendship #2) by Shelley MunroJulia Maxwell met Ryan Callander and his friend Caleb one evening at a local pub and ended up spending the rest of the night with the two back at their apartment. The one night stand developed into more when Ryan and Julia connected on a deeper level. After long phone calls and dating in secret the two take off for an island vacation and have a quickie wedding. Because of Ryan’s rock star status they decide to keep their marriage a secret until both are comfortable with letting their friends and family know. Ryan goes off to tour with his band, leaving Julia at home. When Julia goes through a trauma she tries to contact Ryan and can’t get through to him. He never calls her, then come the tabloid pictures of other women and after a year of no contact she decides to file for divorce and reclaim her life.

Ryan wakes up one day to divorce papers and he’s relieved that he finally knows the full identity of the woman from his returning memories. After being mugged while on tour he’s spent the past year slowly regaining his memories and letting his mind heal. He remembers bits and pieces of his time with his wife, but now he finally knows her last name and how to get in contact with her. When he sees his wife again he realizes that it will take quite a bit of wooing and proving his devotion to get back into her good graces.

All of the above happens before the actual story opens. The very first scene is Ryan opening his mail and discovering divorce papers from his wife. I was afraid I would be a little lost at first, but soon realized it was easy to get caught up to speed. The author really does a good job of meshing the back story with current events so that the reader will have a smooth read. Ryan has his work cut out for him proving to his wife that the past year was all a mistake that should be blamed on his short-term memory loss and convincing her that their marriage is something they should fight for. There is quite a lot going on while these two are reconnecting; Julia trying to save the family business and deal with her mother’s illness, Ryan having to figure out a way to mesh his career commitments with his home life and at the end another added surprise that creates some conflict between the two. But what this story is really about is communication and commitment. Love and passion are easy and aren’t this couple’s problem. They must deal with fame, past hurts, miscommunications and letting go of all of their secrets to have a real marriage.

Ryan might be a rock star, but he’s a very down to earth one. Right from the beginning he is completely dedicated to proving to his wife that he loves her and desires her alone. It was charming, and I liked that he was so dedicated to his marriage. Julia is full of secrets and from beginning to HEA was the one holding back on their relationship. Normally this might frustrate me, but it’s easy to relate to her and understand why she tries so hard to keep herself from falling so easy again. There are a full cast of supporting characters that both lend this couple support and keep them on their toes. I especially enjoyed Caleb, who I hope has his own story coming up some time soon. I enjoyed the humor and loyalty these friends injected into the story. While the ending wrapped up nicely and I was satisfied with Julia and Ryan’s HEA, I find myself looking forward to reading the rest of the characters stories.

This was a fast, easy contemporary romance that was equal parts sweet and sexy. Final Grade- C+

Favorite Quote:

“Still love me?” he asked.


“You know you’ve put me to a lot of trouble,” he said, the caress of his fingers down her back counteracting the slight sting of his words.

“But I’m worth it,” she fired back.

He sighed softly, the warmth of his breath feathering across her neck. “Yeah. You are.”

Rating: C+
Past Regrets by Shelley Munro
September 10th 2013 by Samhain Publishing
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