Review: Party of Three by Lacey Alexander

He was a lawyer, he’d been trained to think in logical ways- and yet that very thought suddenly seemed like a contradiction in terms.  Threesome.  Simple.  The two words just didn’t make sense together.

Party of Three - Lacey AlexanderEthan and Mira have started to drift apart in their relationship.  Ethan has let his work come between the best relationship either of them have ever had.  So for Mira’s birthday he decides to give her the gift of her fantasies.  He will bring a third person into their sex life; a third person to be with them for the weekend.  That third person happens to be Rogan, a man that Mira had a serious relationship with previous to Ethan.  At first Mira is very apprehensive.  What will this do to their relationship?  How will Ethan be able to handle it?  But Ethan assures her that he is ok with what will happen.  And away they go.

Usually I can get all over a threesome book.  My preference is more on the m/m/f side but this book is m/f/m all the way.  I knew from almost the very beginning the situation was not going to end well.  Mira had way too many questions and issues when Ethan first presented the idea to her.  And I was pretty bothered by the way it was presented.  They were in a cabin far from home and Rogan was on his way, due to arrive in mere minutes.  That seems too much like a foregone conclusion to me.  In a serious relationship, bringing in a third, even for a weekend, isn’t something that should be taken lightly.  This was treated so casually.  Oh, sure I have no problem with my girlfriend hooking up with her ex as long as I get to watch and then we will go back to the way we were.

You can tell from my opening quote that things didn’t work out quite like that.  After having sex with Mira again, Rogan decides that he made a mistake in breaking things off with her.  He starts pushing her to come back to him.  Even to the point of suggesting sexual “things” that she says she isn’t comfortable with.  It was clear that Mira loved Ethan but when presented with this other option she becomes confused.  I could have handled it if everything had been on the up and up but Mira and Rogan end up in the woods together where things happen and Mira makes the decision to keep those things secret.  This is the point the whole situation crossed over into cheating for me.  I was not happy with what happened.  It just felt yucky and sticky.

Everything comes to a head when Ethan walks in on Mira and Rogan in a sexual position.  Ethan feels cheated on and Mira has an epiphany that Ethan is really the man she loves and wants to be with.  What caused that epiphany was not clear to me.  It was fake and contrived.  I think part of me was still feeling betrayed from the scenes between Mira and Rogan that Ethan was unaware of.

If you are looking for a book with some excellent gratuitous sex and no emotional connection then, in my opinion, this book is perfect for you.  Some threesome books are very well done because the third isn’t looking for anything but a good time.  This book was nothing like that.  There was too much expectation from Rogan in that he could just slip into Ethan’s spot because he had forgotten how good it was to be with Mira; and too much carelessness on Ethan side as to the consequences of sharing his girlfriend.  Party of Three is the second book in the H.O.T. Cops series but I didn’t see too much of a connection to the previous book.  Final grade- D

Rating: D
Party of Three by Lacey Alexander
April 3rd 2012 by NAL Trade
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    Well dang. I hate to here it about this one. I really enjoyed the relationships in the first book (Bad Girl by Night). Nice review Jen.

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      Thanks. I am kind of particular about threesomes. They just have to be written well to work. And when Mira was having some humpy times with Rogan, without Ethan around, it crossed the line for me. It felt too much like cheating.

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    In a serious relationship, bringing in a third, even for a weekend, isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

    Yes, this!! I love menage stories (like you, I prefer m/m/f) but one of my biggest problems with them is when there is an established, committed relationship and the third is brought in on a whim. Especially if third has history with the couple. Yes, it provides lots of emotional conflict but it’s hard for me to read and I’m not always convinced of the HEA in that situation. This can work in some stories but most times it does not for me.

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      Ethan stated that he brought Rogan in to make her happy. To me, there are just so many other ways to make a woman happy than to throw a third in there!

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    I have a hard time with menage stories in general unless they’re strangers or all coming into the relationship at the same time.
    Maybe it’s my own personal bias because I would never want one but I can’t see how that wouldn’t end up badly. Add into the mix that they had a previous relationship…. Unless Ethan was also attracted to Rogan and this was truly a mutual thing for everyone I can’t see it.

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      I feel the same way you do. To bring someone into an established relationship, unless the people have extremely open minds, is just a recipe for disaster.

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    Yeah, this one was fun at first, but by the end I was done..and not in a good way. I hated the end – all of this time invested in Rogan (more than with Ethan) and that is the ending??

    Plus, I wanted to see more from Ethan – since they are trying to save their relationship. Didn’t work for me at all.

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      Yep. She was like sitting half naked on Rogan’s lap when Ethan walked up and THAT was when she made her decision? Uh-huh. Not cool.


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