Review: The Only One Who Matters by Cat Grant and L.A. Witt

Coming home was always weirder than it should have been.

The Only One Who Matters is the follow-up book for The Only One Who Knows.  I really enjoyed the first book and mentioned in my review that I would love read more about this couple so when I saw there was another book coming out I was excited and a little nervous.

The Only One Who Matters by Cat Grant and L.A. Witt The Only One #2

Book 1 left off with David recovering from his injury and out of the military.  Josh is younger and has many years left as a SEAL so he is still in and being shipped out every couple of weeks.  At first things don’t seem too bad because David is consumed with rehab and getting better but after a while Josh being gone starts to take a toll on their relationship.

David and Josh have a different point of view when it comes to the one spouse leaving on a mission and the other being left behind.  It is difficult enough for a normal military family situation.  When one deploys, they other is left to deal with everything on their own.  However here, not only is David stuck at home, but he knows, and has experienced first hand, the danger that Josh is facing.  His injury is a very real and recent reminder about the danger the man he loves will be in each time he leaves.  David is not dealing well with the relationship and his return to civilian life and Josh is resentful about feeling guilty for doing his job.

Things seem to be coming to a head when Josh is once again called out on a mission.  It is unexpected and he doesn’t have a good feeling about it.  He tries to chalk up his feelings to how him and David left off but when the mission goes bad, it seems he might have been right.  At home David gets access to classified data that Josh is MIA and he is not sure what to do.  All he knows is that he was trusted to watch over another spouse due to deliver a baby any day and that is what keeps him going.

While captive Josh uses all the training David pounded into him to get out safely but once he is back home the torture he was put through is not something he can shake off.  He doesn’t deal with it well and he lashes out at David when help is offered.  Josh has to figure out what he wants and how to get better before anything else in his life will move forward.

The Only One Who Matters is more emotional than book 1.  This one delves more into the reality of what a military couple might face when one is left at home and the other is headed into danger.  There was no right or wrong party here and I really felt for both men.  They clearly loved each other, that was not in question, but each of them struggled with how to handle this very real and common situation.

I finished book 1 with some questions and while most of them were answered here, I still would like to see more from these men.  They are two alpha males with explosive sexual chemistry and complicated feelings for each other.  Really I could just read their sex scenes over and over and be happy with that.  😉  As it was, I did reread the epilogue several times.  Total happy sigh.  Ms. Grant and Ms. Witt have a good second book here and I would be thrilled to read more.  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

With his sanity hanging by a thread, he needed the one person in the world he could talk to about all the shit he’d seen and done and had done to him.

Rating: B
The Only One Who Matters by Cat Grant and L.A. Witt
March 18th 2014 by Samhain Publishing
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