Review: The Only One Who Knows by Cat Grant and L.A. Witt

Let’s start by quoting the first couple of words from the Warning in the blurb:

Contains a pair of Navy SEALs who don’t like playing by the rules, scorching-hot sex between two Alphas who like to be in charge…

So do I have your attention yet?  Well The Only One Who Knows had my attention almost immediately with that kind of warning.  Is that really supposed to warn me off?  lol  Take into account the authors are Cat Grant and L.A. Witt, two very steamy m/m writers, there was no way I was going to let this book pass me by.

The Only One Who Knows Cat Grant L.A. Witt The Only One

Lieutenant Josh Walker is just trying to get survive Navy Seal training with Chief David Flint as his instructor.  Being a Navy Seal is what he was born to do and he won’t let anything get in his way.  If it seems like Flint is extra hard on him that is because Flint sees potential in Josh that not many other people have.

Josh makes it through this part of training and takes some time to celebrate with his fellow trainees.  At the bar, he notices a less than sober Flint and offers him a ride home.  At first, Flint protests because shouldn’t Josh be back at the bar trying to pick up a woman, but the awkward silence in the car tells Flint that maybe a woman isn’t what Josh wants.  Once the secret is out for both men, they can’t seem to resist the attraction.  Josh struggled to keep his eyes off Flint during training and now that the man is offering him a night with no strings, he is not going to pass it up.  Both men know they are crossing all kinds of fraternization lines but just one time and they won’t tell anyone else.  What neither of them count on is that one time meaning so much.

Fast forward three years and both men have been promoted.  Flint has new orders and is dismayed to find out that Josh is his new commanding officer.  The team’s old senior chief did not make it back from the last mission and now Flint is his replacement.  It doesn’t take long for them to realize their attraction hasn’t gone away but if they were to be together now, it would be even worse because Josh is Flint’s CO.  How would anyone trust the chain of command in a mission where two people had more at stake than getting the job done?  But they recognize their feelings aren’t going to go away and agree to discreetly continue to see each other.

Things get dicey when an insubordinate chief implies that he has knowledge of Josh and Flint’s relationship and blackmails Josh to put in a good word for a recent evaluation.  Just when Josh is trying to figure out how to deal with the blackmail the team is given orders and they immediately deploy.  When the mission goes wrong and Flint is hurt, the truth comes out and Josh’s decisions come under question.  Suddenly their relationship is in the open, Flint is hurt and Josh has no idea where his career is going.

The Only One Who Knows is a very well done book.  One of my biggest issues with romance is how quickly a relationship seems to happen.  I have learned to overlook it but it isn’t uncommon for people to fall in love and move to the next step within a week or several days.  The Only One Who Knows shows the progression of a relationship in a realistic timeframe.  Our heroes meet, connect and then don’t see each other for three years.  Over that three years they move on with their lives but often think of the other man so when they meet up again it is only natural for them to get back together.

The sex is diiiirty and so hot.  Flint might start as the instructor and badass but when they get to the bedroom Josh over powers him and he is the aggressor.  It was completely unexpected and totally hot.  Josh is also a pain whore so the first time he bottoms it is rough and hard.  Readers will have no complaints about the sex in this one and you even might find yourself going back to peek at some of the scenes again.

Overall, this was a really enjoyable book.  The emotions between the two men are deep and pull you in.  Their struggle to decide between career and love is believable but I like how it didn’t drag out.  The authors allowed us to feel their fight but to then focus on building what they had instead of rehashing the same thing.  M/m fans will relish this sexy, passionate book and ask for more.  Final grade-  B+

Favorite Quote:

They had each other, which was something Josh couldn’t imagine taking for granted.

They had tonight.

Everything else could wait.

Rating: B+
The Only One Who Knows by Cat Grant and L.A Witt
January 7th 2014 by Samhain
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