Review: One Grave At A Time by Jeaniene Frost

We all remember Fabian, Cat’s ghostly sidekick right? In One Grave At a Time, Fabian has a ghostly sweetheart, Elisabeth. In her day, Elisabeth was falsely accused of being a witch and was burned at the stake by vicious witch hunter, Heinrich Kramer. Elisabeth has not moved on to the other side after all these years because Kramer now exists as a ghost who can manifest into human form every Halloween. He continues his quest to murder women he accuses of being witches by raping, torturing and burning them once a year when he can establish human form. Elisabeth is determined to stop Kramer and has enlisted the help of Fabian and his vampire friends Cat and  Bones.

Although it doesn’t last long before they are immersed in another adventure, Cat and Bones finally have time to exhale and relax. They aren’t on anyone’s hit list and their relationship is loving and solid. I love this because they’ve had some pretty hard times in the relationship department. It’s nice to see them rock solid in love and with no huge romantic obstacles to overcome. Unfortunately, and oddly enough though, the sexy times were pretty skimpy in this installment. No epic sex scene this series has become known for, however Cat and Bones are still pretty sensual in the…well…not exactly the bedroom. You’ll have to read the book for that info.

The hunt for the bad guy was full of fight scenes and really good action but there was something missing. Cat and Bones are determined to stop Kramer but for most of the story there was no personal connection for Bones and Cat to the villain’s crimes. Since the villain had no connection to their back-story at all, the overall plot seemed disconnected from the series and so the story lacked the emotional impact I look forward to in these books.

Cat is still funny and snarky, just not as funny and snarky as usual. Bones is hot, sexy and bad ass but just didn’t have the big presence he usually has. The villian was absolutely heinous and scary and I thought he was an excellent, unrelenting evil bad guy. But the personal connection to the series history was lacking.

One of the many strengths of this series is the brilliant secondary characters. I missed a lot of my old favorites but Ian made an appearance and was as “Ian-ish” as ever. I’m an Ian fan so points for “Ian-isms”. We’re introduced to a few new characters as well and things are changing for many of the established characters, particularly Cat’s old team.

I’m fairly sure my expectations for each book in this series are set by the previous books in the series. I love the Night Huntress books and expect awesomeness with each new installment. I was slightly disappointed in One Grave At a Time though, and I don’t think it quite lived up to the shining example set by it’s predecessors. It has all the elements that have made this a favorite series for me, it just felt like Night Huntress Lite. While I wasn’t wow’d I was still very entertained and I enjoyed being back in the Night Huntress world.

Favorite Quote: (From Ian)

“You’re shagging a woman who can turn into a dragon? Blast you, Charles, I am sick with envy!”

Rating: C+
One Grave At A Time by Jeaniene Frost
August 30th 2011 by Avon Books
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
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  1. says

    Love the favorite quote – Ian really shined in this and really added that umph it needed. I liked this one better than 5, but yeah, after book 4, the series has unfortunately lost some of its shine. I hate to say it, but once Cat decided to go vamp, and one the relationship issues between her and Bones were resolved, the series lacks a consistent tension.

    I still enjoy reading them, though – can’t wait for Vlad.

  2. says

    Totally agree. I liked, but didn’t have that spark of – “wow – awesome”

    And I wanted another sex scene damn it! :)

    I am excited for the xmas novella coming out.

  3. Niki_B says

    I agree with some points, but not the need for a personal connection to the villian and his crimes. The villian from the first Night Huntress book had no personal connection at the start of the book. It was Bones doing a favor for a friend and him recruiting Cat to help him. It really didn’t become personal until after Hennessy went after her grandparents.
    The same can be said for this book really. It starts off as Cat agreeing to help Fabian’s love interest and after all the help Fabian has provided to them, both she and Bones are happy to help. It does become personal though once they summon Kramer and he starts attacking Cat.
    I actually really liked this book and did’t mind the more toned down sex. Getting the same type of sex scene from an author over and over sort of makes me as a reader desensitized to the whole experience. This one may be tame, but the next book may knock my socks off. Speaking of the next book, I can’t wait to see what sort of villian, or at the very least thorn in Cat’s side, Jason Madigan turns out to be.

    • says

      I still felt the disconnect. This book felt more like filler and a way to set up another story arc for Jason Madigan and the team. Not the best in the bunch but still enjoyable.

  4. says

    hahahaha! That Ian quote is awesome. I haven’t gotten to that part yet.

    I think I’m feeling the same as you with this installment. I started it a while back but put it down and haven’t returned to it. I’ve never done that before with a NH book! Something just made me lose interest early on. But I do plan to get pack to it soon.