Review: Office Affair by Jess Dee

Office Affair - Jess DeeWell……is it hot in here??  Office Affair is story that is true to its title, an affair between two colleagues conducted mainly in the office.  Let me tell you, I work in an office and I can’t imagine anything like this going on!  It was hot and nasty and dirty and…did I mention hot?  I read it on my lunch break which I wouldn’t recommend!  Yikes!

Melissa and Ben have been colleagues for about two years.  Melissa has had a serious crush on Ben the whole time but he was in a serious relationship.  The relationship broke up so Melissa has decided to make a move on Ben.  She knows that she needs to keep it purely sexual though because she has goals in life; goals that cannot be disrupted by love and all that happily ever after stuff.

Ben has been in a serious funk ever since his engagement broke up.  When Melissa approaches him in his office, after hours, and strips down naked, well what is a guy to do?  He takes advantage of the situation only to realize he wants more.  He genuinely likes Melissa and wants to spend time with her outside of the office.

Office Affair is mainly focused on the sex.  The sex is frequent, inventive and hot but the good news is there is just enough plot mixed in to where the book didn’t become repeat scene after repeat scene of dangly bits.  One thing threw me off though and that was the threesome.  Ben had serious issues with threesomes because he tried one with his ex-fiance and she ended up hooking up permanently with the other guy.  So when he suggested having one, with Melissa and a friend of his, I was very confused.  For most of the book Ben talks about how the threesome with his ex really messed him up.  The thought of one would turn him on but then he would just become angry on the emotional front.  So why suggest it with Melissa, the woman he thinks he is falling in love with?  And then why go through with it?  The outcome was predictable.  Ben was angry and sure that Melissa would leave him for the other man.  It almost seemed like I got a whole book with a great relationship forming and there needed to be that bit of conflict added to the end.

Overall, this was a hot and quick read.  I would recommend it to erotic romance lovers.  I think I might have to go back and check out some more of Jess Dee’s books after reading this one.  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quotes:

“Melis…Mel, you need to be sure.”


Melissa didn’t answer.  She pushed off his shoulders and lay back on his desk, leaving herself exposed to Ben’s gaze.

A bead of sweat trailed down his spine.  “Jesus, fuck.  Okay, Sparks.  You’ve got it.  You have a deal.”

She wanted him to touch her?  So help her God, he’d touch her.  But on his terms.  In his own way.

Rating: B-
Office Affair by Jess Dee
May 1st 2012 by Samhain
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  1. says

    A friend of mine who loved this little hot quickie gifted it to me tonight! I’m looking forward to it now that you informed me it’s not repeat scenes of dangly bits, lol. Great review Jen.

    • says

      Wellll….repeat scenes of dangly bits with plot thrown in. It is not shy on the dangly bits!

  2. says

    repeat scene of dangly bits

    I actually bought a couple of books by this author when I first read your review of this one. I like her style. I’d read her again.

  3. MillieMolly says

    It isn’t *mostly* about sex… It really does have a goo story like. I would say it is 65-70% sex.