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Suzy Denton seems to have it all together. She loves her job as an event’s planner for Danvers International, and she loves her high school sweetheart and fiance Jeff. Fast forward a month and it’s all gone to hell in a hand-basket. She finds out Jeff’s dentist has been doing more than drilling his teeth, and Danvers is in the process of merging with Mericom creating the largest communications company in the US and also bringing Gray Merimon, the CEO of Mericom into her life.


 Not Planning On You: A Danvers Novel (Danvers #2) by Sydney LandonThis is the second book in Danvers the series and while it can be read as a standalone, part of Gray and Suzy’s story is started in the first book.  I think Not Planning on You actually starts a year after they have met and Gray has been pursuing her that whole time.  Suzy has been resisting but she finally decides to agree to one night of sex with Gray. One night surely won’t hurt her heart and maybe she will get him out of her system.  Gray will use that one night to grab onto Suzy tight and not let her wriggle out of what they have together.

On the way to their one night there is an accident and Suzy breaks her ankle.  Although it ruins their night of sex Gray is more than happy to step up and take care of Suzy while she is hurt.  Suzy cannot do stairs so Gray rushes out and buys a house so they can stay there and she will be more comfortable.  The close proximity serves to bring Suzy and Gray together in ways the one night of sex never would.

But there is a shadow over their developing relationship.  Several months before, Gray was trying to get Suzy out of his head and had a quick fling with another woman.  The woman, Reva, has since gone off the deep end and stalks Gray ever waking moment.  He has changed his cell phone multiple times and she keeps getting access to the number and leaves him many messages and voice mails.  Gray knows he has to tell Suzy but can’t figure out how to do it.  The issue ends up resolving itself when Suzy finds Gray’s phone and sees the messages.  She is sick with betrayal and not sure what to do.  Gray tries his best to explain but things don’t go so well.  Suzy and Gray agree to confront Reva only to find that there is another issue in the way.

What started out as a bad cliché, ended up breaking their relationship apart.  Suzy was cheated on before and cannot handle the fact that Gray might have something with another woman.  Suzy and Gray were not even dating when he had the one night with Reva, however both of them feel a sense of betrayal from the encounter.  I think I could have handled Suzy pulling back while Gray dealt with Reva up until the point where he started blowing off dates with Suzy.  Gray missed her birthday, Reva was staying at Gray’s house…these things are not forgivable to me.  It didn’t matter how many times Gray said he loved her and wasn’t cheating on her, those things are not acceptable.  I would never let my boyfriend’s ex stay at his house.  Never.  Unfortunately, the book and the character were completely lost to me at that point.

The resolution to the conflict and break up was so simple.  Things worked out and everyone was forgiven.  While I didn’t like the conflict, I really didn’t like the resolution.  Maybe part of my dislike stemmed from not really believing the characters to begin with.  Suzy way overreacted to Reva who was clearly lying and a little crazy and Gray way overreacted to the something that so obviously was false.  Both felt wrong and done just for the sake of creating conflict.  I do not like my heroes to declare they are madly in love with one woman all the while be dealing with a false roadblocks from another.

Unfortunately, the first part of the book didn’t hold my attention and the second part of the book just made me a little angry.  The secondary characters were a little off too.  I liked them as individuals but was clear they were being set up as a couple for future books.  There were several of them and the whole thing was too pat for me.  It is like they were there for the sake of a future book not necessarily for this one.  Overall grade- C-

Favorite Quote:

“You know I’m not staying with you.” She tried to hang on a little longer to finish her sentence, just barely managing, “And I’m not falling in love with you, Gray.”

As she finished those last words, Gray held her hand to his lips and pressed a kiss against the palm, whispering, “I’m afraid you have to, from the moment we met, I ceased to exist without you. You’ve put me off as long as I can take. Ready or not Suzanna, I’m coming for you, and I don’t intend to stop until I have you…forever.”

Rating: C-
Not Planning on You by Sydney Landon
February 5th 2013 by Signet
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