Review: Night’s Honor by Thea Harrison

September 2nd 2014 by BerkleyLet me preface this review by saying I LOVE this series. Seriously, I have hard-core love for pretty much every book that’s been released in the Elder Races series, including the novellas and short stories. So it pains me to say this, but this one was so blah for me that I’m wondering what happened. I even had the thought that it was just filler… a way for this author to transition to a new story arc or to put more focus on a different group in the Elder Races realm. Something like that.

Night’s Honor is the story of Xavier and Tess. Who are Xavier and Tess you ask? (Yes, I did too) Xavier del Torro is the right-hand man of the Nightkind king and an influential vampyre, while Tess is a human running from a powerful enemy out to kill her. The only way to be safe from the type of enemy Tess has created is to hide yourself away in an equally powerful household and hope when the first guy comes to get you the second guy will protect you. So that’s what she does. She auctions herself away at a vampyre ball in hopes that one will take her on as an attendant in his or her household. She can’t access the money in her bank accounts because her enemy will find her, she can’t go home or get any of her things, she hasn’t eaten or showered and she’s deathly afraid of vampyres, but at this point she has no options. Luckily for her Xavier is interested in her and her screw you attitude so he raises up his bidding paddle and grants her an interview.  Then he brings her into his home.

The beginning had me hooked. Tess and her “I’m smarter than everyone here” attitude appealed to me. Also, her fear of vampyres was totally warranted considering she’s human and has no idea what she’s getting herself in to. Then she got to the house and started training to be stronger and faster and I was bored. Time jumps several weeks ahead and she’s still stuck at the house exercising and learning to be a bad ass and I was still bored. Then Xavier comes back and starts to fall for the human who continues to be deathly afraid of him and I actually started wondering why he was falling for this girl. She’s not particularly nice to him and she refuses to give him the only thing he’s asked her for, a blood donation, so I didn’t get it. Xavier wasn’t the most exciting hero, he has a cool backstory, but until the very end I didn’t really see any evidence of why he was one of the most preeminent  creatures of the Nightkind. Tess is portrayed as being a computer hacker with money skills, but other than one small scene where she hacks into an Elder Races website I never saw any evidence of this either. So I was a little bit unsure of what exactly they saw in each other I guess.  But they have a waltz, start to fall for each other, Tess tells him who’s after her, he offers to help her, she overcomes the bad guys with her smarts and wraps it all up nice and neat with a mysterious bow and then BOOM! they are a couple.

There is a very nice, action packed fight scene at the end that shows how kick ass Mr. del Torro is and where our heroine shows her bravery and saves his life, but other than that this book was blah for me. Ms. Harrison is a talented author so it’s an easy read, just not the compelling writing I’ve come to expect from her. I’m actually very interested to see what happens in the next installment. That couple looks to be an interesting, explosive combination and I like the fact that they have a history. So while this particular book didn’t really work for me I’m still excited to see what Ms. Harrison has coming up. Final Grade- C

Favorite Quote:

Thou fairest among women, he whispered in her head. My beloved is mine, and I am hers.

Rating: C
Night’s Honor by Thea Harrison
September 2nd 2014 by Berkley
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  1. cynthia says

    Thanks for the review. I was wondering who these characters were also when I read the blurb. I’m curious if there was some kind of build up or introduction of these characters in the previous books? I don’t recall them. Maybe if the author introduced them previously, it might have helped the story. It could be a filler story, but I love Thea Harrison, so it’s still a must buy for me.

    • Kareni says

      I do remember that Xavier was one of the two vampyres that came to the house of the Oracle in Oracle’s Moon. I can’t recall if Tess has made an appearance in any of the other books.

      • Angela says

        I vaguely recall Xavier, but don’t remember seeing Tess anywhere.

        The set-up for the next book is pretty awesome. I’m so looking forward to that one. Have either of you read the novella/short story trilogy that has recently released in this series? Dragos Takes a Holiday, Pia Saves the Day and Peanut Goes to School are easy reads and big things happen to Dragos and Liam. If you haven’t read them you should.