Review: Night’s Darkest Embrace by Jeaniene Frost

Night's Darkest Embrace Jeaniene FrostI’m not usually a fan of tales of demons and fallen angels. There are a few exceptions though and when it’s Jeaniene Frost writing it, I’m going to read it, just in case. I got excited for a minute because I assumed this was to be the start of a new series. But no, this story first appeared in the anthology, Haunted By Your Touch released in 2010. It’s been released as a stand alone story recently so if you’re not a fan of anthologies you can get a quick Jeaniene Frost fix for only $1.99.

The story is set in the realm of Nocturna, a world of demons where partials (who are part demon) are hunted by full-blooded demons and full-blooded demons fear The Fallen (fallen angels). Jeaniene Frost packs a good bit of world building into this novella but it’s laid nicely and unfolds along with the story. Mara returns to Nocturna hunting the full blood who kidnapped and presumably murdered her cousin when they were teens. The mysterious Raphael appeared and saved her life and although Mara doesn’t fully trust Raphael she can’t deny her attraction to him even now that she’s an adult.

I really enjoyed the world in which this story was set and would have loved it if this were a full length novel to allow for even more world building and development. It’s a very dark (literally) world and—sorry Night Huntress fans—there were no vampires! I thought this was a nice departure for the Night Huntress series, yet it’s hard not compare the two.

The romance is between Mara and Raphael. While this is story is different from what we’re used to reading from Frost, you can definitely count on the sexual and romantic chemistry, and at lease one really hot sex scene. Lucky for Mara, Raphael is talented and knows how to use his wings in such a way that leave both of this hands free during the sexy times. Reason enough to read it right there. *waggles eyebrows*

The overall plot was okay. I wasn’t blown away, as I was a little more interested in the romance, but it was fast paced and entertaining. While I enjoyed this story, I wanted more. More world, more story, more romance. Not because I felt the novella was lacking, I just really enjoyed it and wasn’t ready for it to end, especially knowing there was no more to read in Nocturna. I’d be really happy if Jeaniene Frost decided to write a few books based in this world.

Rating: B-
Night’s Darkest Embrace by Jeaniene Frost
November 13th 2012 by Pocket Star
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  1. says

    “I’d be really happy if Jeaniene Frost decided to write a few books based in this world.”

    I feel the same way. This felt like a tease to something that could be really awesome.

    • says

      I’d love to see the world fully developed. Although I can’t decide if I want more Rafael and Mara, or other couples. My wishlist runneth over I guess. :)

  2. Penni says

    I picked this up when the Anthology first came out. I completely agree with you that it would be great if she based a series on this world! Yes I love Cat and Bones (I mean come on who doesn’t love the swoonworthy Crispin?) but I anxiously await almost any Jeaniene Frost book as she writes the world and characters so well, that you just lose yourself into them! I loved her newest release of Once Burned it has a bit of Cat & Bones but focuses on Vlad instead…which I think is high time he gets a book showing his sexy side! We have all the Vlad books throughout history but none like this one!


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