Review: Night Whispers by Alisha Rai

Night Whispers Alisha RaiI thought this book and I got off to a rough start. I texted a friend who had already read it and told her I was lost and didn’t know what was going on. But as I talked it out, I realized I knew exactly what was going on, I just needed to think it through or something. So if you feel like you’re a little lost in the beginning keep going, or text a friend. It will all make complete sense. :)

The World

I love a good post-apocalyptic romance. I like gritty, dangerous worlds where those who have survived whatever has nearly wiped out the population learn to adapt, survive and perhaps thrive in the face of danger and the unknown. Night Whispers delivers just that. A mysterious illness has infected the world killing many and creating zombie-like creatures called Shadows who roam the earth killing and spreading the illness. Those who have not been infected have gone into hiding and some have organized into underground compounds in the east and the west. They have banded together and are determined to reach out and rescue other survivors.

The Zombies

I love stories set in a post-apocalyptic world and I don’t mind zombies as long as they’re mindless scary creatures. I just don’t want anyone trying to convince me of any kind of zombie love. I prefer my zombies to be scary, villainous creatures without feelings. There is not a lot of interaction with the Shadows in this story, and the zombie gore is limited. So if you have an aversion to zombies in your romance and urban fantasy, have no fear, you are safe here. :)

The Heroine

Jules is a former junkie and gang member and has put her street education to good use since the spread of the illness. She is an agent who works topside to rescue and protect the human race. She’s out in the field finding those who have not yet been infected and she brings them to safety. The man who saved her from a life of drugs, Erik, has gone missing and she is determined to find him and bring him back. Acting on a tip that Erik may be in Cheyenne, Jules feels compelled to go after him. She stumbles into something far more dangerous than illness-spreading zombies.

The Hero

Who doesn’t love a nerdy hero who can bring it when it needs to be brought? James has spent all of his time since the “end of the world” underground working in the compound away from the dangers of topside. He’s used his knowledge of technology to create and maintain a communications system for use between him and the agents out in the field. He can see and hear everything his agent does via this communication system and she can hear him as well.

The Romance

James and Jules have worked together for some time but have never met face to face. They are a voice in each others head as Jules works topside and James, as her handler, assists her from the compound. Although they have not met, their relationship has become emotionally intimate. When Jules is in danger James has to overcome his fears go topside to find Jules. I loved seeing James conquer his fears because of his love for Jules. He is naturally shy and because of past trauma, stepping out of his comfort zone is especially difficult. But his love for Jules drives him to overcome. I loved that he does not suddenly become a macho kick-ass dude. He’s driven by his feelings for Jules but he still struggles. There is no magical transformation into super-hero James, and it’s his devotion to Jules that makes him so sweet and sexy.

The Verdict

Night Whispers is a strong start to the ShadowLands series. The brave, smart, kick-ass heroine, and low-key, sexy hero engage is a sweet romance in a story that is a set is an interesting post apocalyptic world. As much as I have enjoyed Alisha Rai’s erotic romances in the past, I really hope we will see more from her in this genre as well.

Favorite Quote:

“This is crazy.”

“I know.” “My girlfriend’s a superhero,” he whispered.

Rating: B
Night Whispers by Alisha Rai
November 6th 2012 by Samhain Publishing
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  1. Angela says

    You’ve convinced me to add this one to my TBR list. I tend to really enjoy post apocalyptic romances, they give me a change from all of the paranormal romances I usually read.

    • says

      I think you’ll like this one Angela. The heroine is really cool. I kept picturing the actress Michelle Rodriguez as her. And the hero is so cute and sexy.