Review: Never Have I Ever by Alisha Rai

Never Have I EverNever Have I Ever by Alisha Rai
Published December 14th 2010 by Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
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Ana is happy with her marriage to Taylor.  She is satisfied with their relationship in all aspects including their basically middle-of-the-road sexual relationship.  When she receives an email from an unknown source that contains photos of her husband (pre-marriage) engaged in wild sex acts, she’s shocked and wonders just how much about her husband’s past she does not know.  Not only that, she begins to wonder if he is unsatisfied with their tame sexual relationship.  After the shock wears off she finds she is turned on at the thought of pushing her sexual limits and she decides to entice her husband into showing her the sexual side of him he has kept from her.

Taylor has never told Ana about his past sexual escapades, instead doing everything he can to suppress the sexual urges that he fears could overtake him.  He loves Ana and cherishes their relationship and doesn’t want to do anything that could jeopardize that so he has held back secrets about his true nature.  Taylor is not a hundred percent human and the only way he has managed to control the side of him that is wild, is to completely deny it.  But Ana seems bent on breaking his control and unleashing the beast that lives within him.  When Taylor’s childhood friend and partner in crime Eli enters the picture, Taylor may not be able to keep up the good fight to control the side of him he’s tamped down for years.

There is just something so sexy about an alpha male who suppresses his nature for the love of his mate.  This is essentially what Taylor has been trying to do during his whole relationship with Ana.  He fears losing control if he gives into who he really is so he turns his back on his past and the part of him he may or may not be able to control should he give into it.  His love for Ana comes through loud and clear and his need to protect her, even from himself is very sexy.

Ana was a little confusing to me.  After receiving the anonymous email with the pictures of Taylor engaging in wild sex acts she is stunned and hurt that she did not know about this part of her husband’s past.  But then decides she is turned on by this side of her husband and wants to explore her sexuality so she decides to seduce her husband into taking their bedroom play to another level.  Now here is where she stumps me.  She turns up the heat, enjoys the results, but then goes about confronting Taylor in a somewhat immature fashion. And to make it even more awkward she confronts him in front of a friend.  Also the timing of it all seemed weird since if she was harboring hurt feelings over Taylor not disclosing everything about his past, I would have thought she would have brought it up before the seduction, not in the middle of it.

I have to mention Eli, Taylor’s longtime friend.  He is pure alpha male in many ways but doesn’t exhibit the over the top outward aggression most alpha males do.  He is more subtle in his nature but somehow you know he is the man in charge.  I think that is very sexy and I’m looking forward to his story.

I liked the paranormal twist to this story.  Taylor’s nature is a little different than I’ve come to expect from a story like this and I really like it when an author can put an unexpected spin in here and there.  Lucky for Ana the part of her husband’s unusual DNA that comes through the strongest is the aggressive sexual side *waggles eyebrows*.

Alisha Rai delivers a very steamy novella in Never Have I Ever.  There’s car sex, couch sex, shed sex, ménage, and more!  She does not skimp on the dirty sexy lovin’. There is more than enough sexy time to heat up your e-reader in a hurry in this paranormal romance.

Favorite Quote:

Eli’s bright blue eyes were wide as he stared at the two of them locked together in an epic lap dance.

I also have to include this quote since it made me laugh:

He paused while her vagina clenched around him, milking his cock so hard, he thanked God that penises couldn’t bruise.

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  1. says

    Looks steamy! But the quote about his penis not bruising has me haha-ing.

    Gets the fugly llama seal of approval? (you can totally change your rating system to llamas instead of hearts)

  2. says

    you had me at –>Alisha Rai delivers a very steamy novella in Never Have I Ever. There’s car sex, couch sex, barn sex, ménage, and more!

  3. AllisonH says

    Oh, I’m glad the this story is worth checking out. I was very drawn to the cover (yes, I am one of those judgmental types…). Romantic, sexy and more than one keeper-guy? That is why I read romance! Thanks for the review Fiction Vixen!

  4. says

    Every time I look at this cover, I think of Keira Knightly in that Domino movie she did. *g*
    Sounds like a steamy read. Nice Review!