Review: All He Needs by C.C. Gibbs

All He Needs (All Or Nothing #2) by C.C. GibbsAll He Needs is the second book in the All or Nothing series.  When I picked up the first book, All He Wants, I was a little confused because there seem to be two versions of the book.  With some research I found out there is also a UK version of each book in the trilogy.  The UK versions will all be released by December of 2013 while the final US version will be released September of 2013.  C.C. Gibbs also writes historical erotica under the name of Susan Johnson.

All He Needs picks up almost where All He Wants left off.   Dominic and Katherine are on separate sides of the world and have vowed to move on from each other.  Dominic is way too controlling though and cannot let things go without subtly arranging a new job for Katherine.  Katherine is a brilliant forensic accountant and can have her pick of jobs but Dominic wants her to have one that he has potential to influence.  Katherine does not know the job she accepted has anything to do with Dominic and that is the way he wants it.

Sexually we see both parties try to move on but without success.  I was glad this was the case.  I am not sure I could have handled Dominic going back to his profligate ways.  After a month of being apart, Dominic finds Katherine and proposes the hook back up.  Behind the scenes he is there to protect her as the job she worked for him in the previous book has long-range consequences.  Katherine recovered $20M for Dominic and the people she recovered the money from are not happy about it.  There is a threat to Katherine and Dominic will do anything to keep her safe.  Anything.  The one catch is she cannot know anything about the threat.

Dominic offers Katherine an exclusivity contract and she accepts only wanting one out, that she can email him saying she is done, at any time.  Dominic will do anything to have her again so he accepts.  There is some deception here though because Dominic’s lawyer comments on how the opt out clause is useless.  I wonder if that will come up later on?

The majority of the book is focused on Dominic dealing with his obsession for Katherine and both of them fighting overwhelming jealously.  There were times I got whiplash from Dominic’s mood changes.  He constantly talks about how he has never compromised more for a woman but 2 minutes later he is cruel.

“I wouldn’t let you anyway.”  A languid rise of his hand, a flick of his index finger.  “Show me, Katherine.  I want to see if you’re wet.”  He frowned when she didn’t move.  ” This isn’t about what you want, Katherine.  It’s about what I want.  You know the rules.”

She suddenly felt cold under that still blue gaze; her hand started trembling.

“Jesus.”  His voice was soft.  “You’re scared?”  He looked at her, his face rigid, his jaw tense.  “This is too fucked up.”  He nodded, his gaze infinitely weary.  “There’s the door.  Get out.  I’m sure someone has carried in your luggage by now.”

Throughout the book you see Dominic make moves that protect Katherine without her knowing it and we see all the friends, family and coworkers of Dominic baffled by his feelings for her.  This is the first time they have ever seen him like this around a woman.  In terms of the sexy, controlling billionaire model, Dominic has the part down.  I found myself, at times, drawn to his controlling side and other times wanting to punch him in the throat.  He will bring out strong feelings in the reader, either way.

Katherine is an interesting heroine too.  I liked her in the first book.  She is a graduate of MIT and no wilting girl.  Her services are in high demand and she is extremely intelligent and knows her mind.  In this book though, she bugged me.  She was jealous of everything.  To a point, I could understand it but not at the level she displayed.  Dominic gave her no reason to harp about other women but she did, incessantly.

The last 20% of the book is a mish-mash of a cluster fuck.  Lots of things happen, don’t happen, and there are tons of questions.  I cannot say I approved of the path Dominic took and if I had been Katherine I would have lost it on him.  All He Needs ends in a semi-safe place.  There are still major issues hanging over the couple’s head.  I have a feeling those issues will rear their ugly heads in book 3 but they don’t keep the reader from a tentative HFN in this one.

Overall, these books are my personal crack.  I love them.  I love everything about this type of story.  Think Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series or R.K. Lilley’s Up in the Air series if you need something to compare it to.  I cannot wait for book 3 and the conclusion to Dominic and Katherine’s story.  Final grade- B-

 Favorite Quote: 

“Fucking A.  Hell can do without me for a while.  And I’m going to make you feel so good you won’t even think about leaving.”

Rating: B-
All He Needs by C.C. Gibbs
December 17th 2013 by Forever
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