Review: Nauti Temptress by Lora Leigh

Nauti Temptress Lora LeighWhen I pick up a Lora Leigh book I am mainly reading it for one thing.  The smoking hot sex.  Sometimes there is a decent plot thrown in there, but frankly I don’t really care.  The rest of the book could be written in Greek and I really wouldn’t care.  If you have ever read a Lora Leigh book you should know to expect several things.  Our heroine is usually a virgin.  The hero is military and has been attempting to resist said heroine for many years in an attempt to not ruin her with his beastliness.  The heroine is shaved.  And you can usually count on some back door lovin’.  So when I say I am reading for one thing, I really do expect all of the qualifications to be met.  I have standards, you know?  Lucky for me Nauti Temptress lived up to those standards.  :)

Nauti Temptress is an offshoot of the Nauti Boys books.  In the prologue we meet Eve and her three sisters.  Dawg was unaware he even had sisters but once he found out they were family then they were there to stay.  He set up a house for them which they converted into a B&B.  Several years pass and the girls get older all while being enveloped into the MacKay family.

Brogan Campbell took notice of Eve two and a half years ago and knew she would be the one.  He stayed away from her to protect her from the nasty business his career has brought on to him.  It is commonly known that he could be a thief and pretty close to being a bad guy.  That is not really the truth, he has always been on a mission but it has suited his purposes to left everyone think badly about him.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t suit his purpose to let Eve think that way but what is he to do?  He can’t compromise the mission to out some traitors just to tell her the truth.

All of the sudden one of his bosses decides that he must pull Eve MacKay in on his mission.  It take Brogan a while to figure out why but the truth of it is that once he sees his sister in danger Dawg will step in and help.  If Dawg’s steps in without being asked them the government owes him nothing.  But if they have to ask for his help then they will owe him something.  Dawg is wise to what is going on and demands payment for him and his cousins if they are going to help find the traitors.

In the midst of all the military business Dawg demands that Eve stay away from Brogan.  He uses the excuse that he thinks Brogan is a bad guy knowing very well he is an agent but he doesn’t want to see Eve hurt.  Eve is unable to resist Brogan and beats herself up for betraying Dawg however once she finds out he knew all along that Brogan was an agent she just gets pissed.  So now she is pissed at Dawg for pressuring her and pissed at Brogan for lying to her.  She just all around unhappy.

Nauti Temptress was a typical Lora Leigh book.  The plot was a bit confusing.  There were part I had to read several times to make sure I got it straight.  But like I said above I don’t really read these books for the plot.  If I find one that has a good plot then that is just gravy.

I do have to wonder where this town is.  Wherever it is I need to find it.  Not only does this town hold the three MacKay cousins, Dawg, Natches and Rowdy, it is close to where the August men are and we have this new group of Brogan and whoever the other sisters will match up with.  From what I can tell there is a small town mentality so I don’t think the town is that large.  How can one place hold so many alpha, perverted men?  It might be fun to spend at least one day there.  :)  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

“You know what’s going to happen,” he told her as her lips parted to facilitate her breathing.

“That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen right now,” she informed him.  He let her lift the wineglass and take healthy sip before he spoke.

“I don’t heel worth shit,” he told her then.  “You won’t control me, Eve, you won’t tame me, and you won’t dominate me.  Now, that’s a warning I’ve never given another woman, and I won’t waste my time telling you again.  So if that’s what you think you’re going to do, then I highly suggest you reconsider your options.”

Rating: B-
Nauti Temptress by Lora Leigh
November 6th 2012 by Berkley Trade
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  1. says

    I died laughing at what to expect from a Lora Leigh book. So true. I always laugh when her heroine go get their copters waxed then have sex 20 minutes later. Yeah lol.

    I loved the Nauti Boys. I’m glad the girls are more of that fun.

    • Angela says

      Totally nailed the what to expect from… I’ve come to grips with the fact that I will never read Lora Leigh for a plot, just alpha males who like to have arse sex with clean shaven females who talk all sarcastic when their men are being too caveman.

  2. sidney halston says

    Omg! Your review is hilarious and spot-on. That’s exactly what you get from a LL book! And i love it