Review: Naughty Bits Part II: The Training Session by Joey W. Hill

“The best fantasy is grounded in reality.”

The Training Session is the second installment in Joey W. Hill’s Naughty Bits serial. Madison has agreed to observe Logan’s D/s training session with Troy. But Logan intends for Madison to be a willing participant in the session and Madison is surprised at how eager she is to comply. I’ll just acknowledge the truth; Logan has NO problem vocalizing his thoughts, opinions or expectations and he is hot as hell!

“Any man you have to talk into getting hard for you is the wrong guy. Plus he’s fucking blind and too stupid to live.”

Naughty Bits Part II- The Training Session (Naughty Bits #2)One of my favorite parts of the story is where Logan metaphorically uses a rose to describe the D/s lifestyle while Troy is bound and waiting for Madison’s touch.

“It’s nice, isn’t it? Touching something this beautiful without having to play games, to excuse yourself or apologize? You see a rose and you touch it, smell it. You don’t explain yourself to the rose, figure out the right approach. You don’t stop touching it because you think you’ve overstayed your welcome or you’re wondering how the rose is feeling about it all. You could tear the petals off if you wanted to do so, but instead you find yourself cherishing it all the more because of your power over it.”

That is only a taste of Ms. Hill’s exquisite ability to form such transparent emotion that immerses the reader completely in the moment.

Not only does Madison participate in the session, but she also agrees to a first date (no sex) with Logan. The training session allows Madison to open her mind to her own desires and vulnerabilities without feeling shame. The date is an extension of the session with no intermediary and provides a taste of how it can be when Madison is willing to trust Logan and release control. Once Madison acknowledges that she has strong desires that are unique and difficult to articulate, she is then able to better serve her customers at Naughty Bits and assist them in determining what they what and need.

“I could load you up with several hundred dollars’ worth of merchandise. But you’d take it home, play with it, then set it aside like a gimmick, vaguely unsatisfied, because you played with the wrapping, not the present. Not what lies beneath the surface. Figure that part out, then you can come back and decide how you want to wrap up the gift.”

It amazes me how Joey W. Hill can pack a wealth of story and emotion in a mere installment of a serial. And another plus? Ms. Hill’s installments are scheduled to release each month (April-July) and they do! The reader has full knowledge of when to expect the next installment so you have the option of reading each month or waiting until all are released.

The Training Session provides a satisfying dose of passionate eroticism to the likes of what Ms. Hill’s writing is famous for and establishes a strong, honest connection, both emotionally and physically between Madison and Logan. Madison also reveals to Logan her deepest, darkest fantasy which involves a Master/slave auction and I believe Logan, being the determined man he is will make her fantasy a reality! I am completely invested in the characters and their journey and look forward to Naughty Bits Part III: Bound To Please releasing in June.


Favorite Quote:

“It had a nice thick steak-and- potatoes meatiness to it.”

I’ll let you guess who and what body part that is in reference too. 😉

Rating: A-
Naughty Bits Part II: The Training Session by Joey W. Hill
May 20th 2014 by InterMix
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  1. Tina B says

    Ahh! Another to add to the top of my TBR! I have a read a few of her books and LOVED them! 😀
    Thank you for sharing your fabulous review!

    • Amy says

      Thanks! Joey is one of my top favorite authors. I usually detest a serial format but I am enjoying Madison and Logan’s journey so much! Hope you do too!

      • Tina B says

        I don’t normally like serials either, but am hooked on Jenna Jaxon’s Time Enough To Love series! Thankfully, the last one will be out next month.

  2. says

    Amy, loved the review! Am so happy to hear you are continuing to enjoy Logan and Madison’s story. As far as your favorite quote, I almost took that one out, thinking people would think it was a little over the top and snort soda through their nose when they read it, but I really liked it, so in it stayed (lol).

    Tina B, so glad you’ve loved my work in the past and hope Logan and Madison will continue that trend. Thanks for the recommendation on Jenna Jaxon.

  3. says

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