Review: Nameless by Claire Kent

 Nameless by Claire KentSeth and Erin have known each other for many years but only in a casual sense.  They grew up around each other and now work in the same field so they run into each other now and then.  When they both attend a funeral for a beloved family member/friend, they end up taking one night of drinking and sex together to work out the feelings of grief and sadness.  That one night results in a pregnancy that rocks both of their lives.  Seth wants to be involved and Erin has a hard time giving anything over, to anyone.  The two of them must find a way to work on common ground for the sake of their child and ultimately, each other.

This story is heavily focused on pregnancy, childbirth and the months following so if that isn’t your thing then I would avoid the book.  I have had three kids though, so I am intimately familiar with everything that was going on.  I felt it was a good representation of what someone goes through and the how the relationships around you change.

It is a pretty simple plot so most of the discussion is about the characters and how they react to each other.  With that said, I had a really hard time with Erin in this book.  She is stubborn, hard-headed, and obstinate above and beyond what was normal for this situation.  She went through a bad marriage where her ex was very controlling and did not allow her to make her own decisions.  I think she learned to harsh of a lesson and was unwilling to trust that Seth would not do the same.  She was perfectly agreeable to go out on dates and involve herself in any situation that screamed casual but at the hint of something serious she threw up some pretty ugly blockades.

I have mentioned in previous reviews for Ms Kent that we don’t get to see in the hero’s head and that leaves us a little disconnected from them.  It was the same case in this book but I think she did a much better job showing us how Seth was feeling.  Whether it was from action or even facial expressions we knew that Seth felt deeply for Erin.  He is a very closed off, controlled man but some of the things he does with Erin are very obviously driven by his feelings for her.

“That’s the point.  That’s what I mean when I say we’ll work it out.  I’ve already talked to them at work.  If I need to take time off, I’ll do it.  If I need to make adjustments to my schedule, I’ll do it.  If I need to do more to help you, I’ll do it.  Anything.  I’ll do it.”  He raised a hand to cup her face.  “I’ll do anything in my power to make you happy.”

There are things that I still wonder though.  Like, if Erin hadn’t have gotten pregnant would Seth have come after her?  How could Erin not see the way Seth felt for her?  Especially after he tells her about the relationships he had been in since he met her.  They go through a scene right after Erin gives birth that made me want to smack Erin and pat Seth on the back in sympathy.

Overall, Erin was my biggest problem. I hated how she treated Seth once she knew how he felt.    I was annoyed by her insistence that she being in control of everything.  I did not like that she continued to date even after knowing Seth’s feelings.  It would be one thing to continue on her life without him around but he was there for a front row show to her dates.  He seemed to be good enough to relieve some sexual tension with but goodness, emotional connection??  Heck no, run the other way!  It rubbed me wrong.

The book is set over the span of several years so it is a realistic look at a relationship fraught with every day difficulties.  They fight to make things happen in the midst of work, time scheduling, outside interference and other things.  I felt like this was truer to real life than the insta-love stories that are everywhere now.

Even with how much I didn’t care for Erin, I still enjoyed Nameless.  Ms. Kent has a way of writing that draws you in and makes you want more.  I was fully involved with this couple’s relationship or non-relationship as it seemed at times, that once I started I quickly read straight through.  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

She felt another overwhelming surge of feeling.  Of intoxicated giddiness.  Of tenderness.  Of familiarity.  Of need.  Of visceral heat.  Of love.

Of love.

Of love.

All of it at once.

Rating: B-
Nameless by Claire Kent
April 30th 2013 – Self Published
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    Great review. I’ve been wondering if I should try this one out since I liked Escorted so much but have been on the fence because the pregnancy get together is not a favorite of mine. Unfortunately it sounds like the heroine would drive me mad. I think I’ll skip it for now and just keep an eye out for her next work.

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    Thank you for alerting me that this book was out. I loved Escorted so I immediately bought and read Nameless. I was Team Erin more than you, I think, because as much as the scene after the birth made me cry for both of them, his actions after made me think she’d done the right thing. It was her sister Liz that I wanted to smack for most of the book. Claire Kent is always a good read and an auto-buy for me. Thanks again!