Review: Nailed by Christine d’Abo

These Cosmo Red Hot Reads are like an addiction for me.  They are shorter books so I can read them in about an hour and they have some super steamy scenes.  Nailed is my latest Cosmo Red Hot Read and it didn’t take long for the book to engage me.

Nailed by Christine d'AboSophia Holbrook has the chance of a lifetime with her first reality TV/decorating show.  Nervous for the first day of filming she arrives at the set early to get the lay of the land.  This project is so important to her for many reasons.  It is the first big break for her and her friend/business partner and the location they are set to remodel is one close to her heart.  The Trinity House is the place her mother took them after her father kicked them out of the house.  She doesn’t have many memories of her time with her father but the ones she does have are usually not good.  After that fateful night of being ordered out of their house, Sophia refuses to talk about her father with anyone.

Five minutes at the job site and she meets a hunky man.  The hunky man turns out to be her co-star, Fynn Babineau, and a jerk.  When he finds out who she is he rudely walks away with some not so nice things to say.  Sophia doesn’t know what his problem is but she won’t let anyone distract her from this project.

After several weeks of things running smoothly, well if you don’t count the crazy sexual tension between her and Fynn, Sophia finds out the project is over budget and they will have to host a party to raise money and awareness.  When the smarmy producer suggests brining her dad into the picture to boost ratings Sophia puts her foot down only to find out from Fynn that he will be at the party anyway.  Sophia must deal with her attraction to Fynn and the reemergence of her father into her life all the while keeping the project of her life going.

Nailed is a fast read and doesn’t provide too much angst.  I almost wish there had been more because the relationship between Fynn and Sophia happens so quickly and I don’t think I understood why.  They had great sexy times and crazy tension but how that translated into love and a relationship I just wasn’t sure.  They never had a date or did anything outside the project so I think the whole getting to know you thing was skipped.  I missed that part.  Maybe it was to be assumed because of the length of the book?

The conflict between Sophia and her dad was a head scratcher too.  For not talking to or about her father for many years, she came around rather quickly.  It was resolved with little fuss and fanfare.  Once again, maybe that was a word count thing?

Overall, Nailed would be a quick, steamy read if you were looking for something to pass an hour or two.  I wouldn’t go in looking for a developed plot or good angst but it is good for a fast read.  Final grade- C

Favorite Quote:

I was ramped up hotter than an adolescent boy watching Victoria’s Secret fashion show and needed to blow off some steam before I ended up dry humping a lumber pile.

Rating: C
Nailed by Christine d’Abo
April 15th 2014 by Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin
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