Review: My Cowboy Heart by Z.A. Maxfield

Sometimes I resented Crandall Jenkins’s faith in me. And that shit about getting me out of my shell? Well, I liked my shell just fine, thank you. I liked it fine.

My Cowboy Heart by Z.A. MaxfieldAs the foreman of the J-Bar Ranch Malloy is comfortable with his life and his position looking after the animals and the interests of the Jenkins. When his mentor asks him to supervise a new hire while he is on vacation Malloy expects to deal with just another ranch hand, but the out and proud Crispin takes him by surprise. Crispin is a soft-hearted, sweet man whose mouth runs a mile a minute and for some reason, for the first time in his life,  Malloy’s body’s desires are burning out of control. The quiet, gruff foreman is completely out of his element. He suddenly wants to spend time with someone else, when he’s always been content to be alone and the protectiveness he feels for this young cowboy isn’t all because of his job.

I absolutely adored My Cowboy Heart. From the reserved  foreman suddenly realizing his desires to the outgoing younger cowboy who takes the ranch by storm and changes the dynamics between everyone. I couldn’t help but love it. Watching love bloom is always sweet, but watching it unfold between two such unlikely characters just makes it seem all the sweeter. When Crispin arrives on the scene Malloy has no idea how exactly to deal with him. Being with the talkative man is confusing at first, he feels protectiveness and then desire, but as a man who has always thought of himself as straight he’s not quite sure what is going on between them. Crispin openly flirts with the older man, constantly pushing his buttons and getting him to come out of his shell, but seems to be just as unsure of a relationship between them. Especially with a man who can’t decide if he really wants to give in to the demands of his body.

What did it mean that I could so easily imagine my dick in his mouth, but I couldn’t put a name to it?

While Malloy is trying to decide what it is he wants from Crispin everyone at the ranch seems to be changing right along with him. Suddenly ranch hands he’s known for years aren’t who he always thought they were. Eddie comes out and seems to want to protect Crispin, while Jim is a jerk who is forever making rude comments and showing his ass. But after a traumatic event one evening Malloy realizes just how much he wants to be the man who Crispin turns to, the man who helps comfort him and keeps him close. The sexual relationship between the two is extremely hot, although a little unexpected. I fully expected that Malloy would be the top in their relationship, especially since he had never been involved in a gay relationship, and was a little surprised that he was so willing to give himself so fully to Crispin right from the start. Once he decides that this is who he is and what he wanted Malloy throws himself wholeheartedly into their sexual relationship. He’s still a private person, which throws Crispin off and makes him think he’s ashamed to be with him, but Malloy is quick to reassure his lover that this isn’t the case.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the sex scenes, I think I enjoyed the tenderness and acceptance between these two hard bodied, manly cowboys more. I was also so very happy to see the author portray the Jenkins’ as such a loving part of  Malloy’s life. I could completely believe his falling in love and working through his confusion over his sexual identity so quietly and logically because he was raised by two very open, wonderful people.  The  HEA was lovely  and the icing on the cake. The preview to the next book seems to be pairing Eddie and Jim, and while I’m excited to see what happens between these two, I am wondering how Jim will be redeemed after his awful behavior. I am definitely looking forward to more by this author and can’t wait to see where she takes this series next. Final Grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

I’d always demanded so much more from myself, and here I was going to pussy out on the best thing I had going for me because the neighbors might not like it.

And then I thought, am I the warrior Speed Ball goddamn Malloy or ain’t I?

So I took Crispin’s hand.

Rating: B+
My Cowboy Heart by Z.A. Maxfield
August 20th 2013 by Intermix
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    • Angela says

      This was my first Z.A. Maxfield and now I’m looking forward to reading some backlist titles. Really enjoyed this one.