Review: My Bluegrass Baby by Molly Harper

My Bluegrass Baby Molly HarperSadie Hutchins works for the Kentucky Tourism Commission. She’s a little quirky and so she fits in well with her office-mates who are just as unusual as some of the attractions in the state of Kentucky. This is the perfect job for Sadie and she fully expects to get promoted to Director when her boss retires soon. But she gets unexpected competition when for the job when hotshot Josh Vaughn is hired and he has his eye on the director’s position. There is an instant attraction between the two but when they find out they will have to compete for the job in a contest, the gloves come off. Both Sadie and Josh want that job and attraction or not, they are both willing to play dirty to get it.

I read this book expecting humor and I was not disappointed in that. I love how Molly Harper weaves snarky humor into her romances and once again, she managed to make me laugh with her quirky characters and fun setting. I found Sadie’s assistant particularly entertaining. While Sadie and Josh were busy snipping at each other, Kelsey provided a bit of comic relief and occasionally became the voice of reason.

The problem I had with this romance was with the romance. For the majority of the story, I just didn’t believe in the romance. Sadie and Josh spend a good deal of time fighting and generally disliking each other. There was some romantic tension, we know that Sadie and Josh are attracted to each other, but unfortunately I was more convinced by their ambition and dedication to getting the job than I was about their growing attraction to each other. I really wanted to more tension and build up to the romance.

This author is an auto-buy for me because her books entertain me and make me laugh. But I’m a romance reader and I need the romance. Unfortunately this one just didn’t move me the way some of Molly Harper’s other books have. I found My Bluegrass Baby to be entertaining, but the romance fell short.

Favorite Quote:

She thought no one took her seriously because of her age and what she saw as “extra weight.” I suggested perhaps it had more to do with the fact that she sometimes had fistfights with toner cartridges and had been known to yell Game of Thrones quotes at unruly baristas. She told me I would pay the iron price for my insolence. Which only proved my point.

Rating: C
My Bluegrass Baby by Molly Harper
December 17th 2012 by Pocket Star
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  1. Kini says

    I bought this book for $1.99 and I feel I got $1.99 worth of story, but not much more. The romance was seriously lacking. And there was A LOT of time spent on specifics of her job. I was starting to feel like I was at work. I guess it kind of worked with the story, but it was too much for me. I did find Sadie and Kelsey extremely funny and I did enjoy the snark.