Review: Mustang Sally by Jayne Rylon

Mustang Sally by Jayen RylonMustang Sally picks up where King Cobra leaves off with Sally, feeling jealous and left out when the two men she secretly loves fall in love with each other and then she witnesses them having sex with a woman they picked up in a bar. Sally hits the road and visits the Power Tools gang (from the Power Tools series) to get away and get her head straight. While there she witnesses their polyamorous lifestyle and comes to believe that perhaps she and Eli and Alanso can have a relationship after all. So she heads back home to her men. But she has a secret that she feels could ruin their relationship if it ever gets out.

This is the second book I’ve read by Jayne Rylon. I read King Cobra the first book in the series, and while I had a couple of problems with it, I enjoyed the friends-to-lovers romance overall. I was looking forward to seeing where the relationship between Eli and Alanso would go, especially after the addition of Sally to the relationship. Unfortunately, this story did not work for me.

The first problem was my inability to believe in the romantic relationship between Sally, Eli, Alanso and the entire Hot Rods crew. Not only is this a very new relationship, but soon after their reunion, an orgy happens. Perhaps if the relationship would have remained focused around the trio, and the emotional aspect had been developed more I might have engaged with the characters for a more satisfying read. But instead, just as the threesome finally come together, the entire crew is invited to have sex with Sally along with her two men. Love and devotion are proclaimed and all is wonderful. The story is set up so that everyone already loves each other on some level because they have a common bond; their troubled pasts and the fact that they’ve grown up together and live together. There is not much, if any time spent on anyone actually falling in love. Instead, the story centers around on misunderstandings, miscommunications and resolution.

The second problem I had with this story is the sex scenes. I’m a fan of menage romances, especially m/m/f, but perhaps romances with more than three aren’t for me? Although I have read a few erotic romances where it worked so who knows? Because of the lack of depth of the relationships the proclamations of devotion during sex sort of seemed silly rather than heartfelt. And with so many spectators and eventual participants, I didn’t buy into the deep thoughts and feelings.

Hope radiated through Sally. Maybe all of them would edge from inquisitive onlookers to something more in time. For now, she thought they should have the same informative experience Eli and Alanso had gained when they’d visited the crew and walked in on their sharing. Or the firsthand knowledge she’d gleaned when Devon, James and Neil had offered her their little demonstration. Because the truth was…she sought them all. Not in the soul-searing way she needed to bond with Alanso and Eli, inseparably, but in the spirit of the honest sharing she’d witnessed from the crew. It was so hard to define. Impossible to put into words. But once her guys had witnessed it—and her too, later—there’d been no going back.

If more time had been spent developing relationships, this excerpt would have been more meaningful. I can appreciate a different sort of lifestyle in erotic romance which involves sex and sharing, but I need more emotional depth that develops outside of the physical relationship.

Each man stepped forward, prepared to make her theirs once and for all, offering part of themselves in return.

Just when Sally finally reunites with Eli and Alanso and they begin their romantic and sexual relationship, everyone else is invited to share. While the crew have history, I needed more emotional glue and for the relationship to be solid before the orgies started. But again, the reader is meant assume the foundation for the relationships have been built over the years and the proclamations and consummations are enough at this point. Unfortunately that didn’t work for me.

Lines like this made me giggle-snort. I wanted it to be hot but…

Carver reached between his roommate’s legs to position Barracuda’s tool at Sally’s entrance.


“Rebel, go grab the lube out of my desk drawer.” Eli looked over his shoulder at Bryce. “The rest of you strip. If you’re going to have a ticket to this peep show, it’s only fair we see you too.”

Entertaining though.

This is a brand new relationship not only for the threesome, but Eli and Alanso only recently came to terms with their feelings for each other. Immediately bringing Sally in and professing love, and then with the group sex added in, I just wasn’t convinced of the romance and therefore disappointed.

While I didn’t enjoy this book very much, I’m not totally giving up on the series. I think I’ll pass the torch to FV-Angela and let her read the next book before I continue with this series though.

Rating: D
Mustang Sally by Jayne Rylon
June 4th 2013 by Samhain Publishing
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  1. says

    I giggle snorted through the entire orgy scene (and cringed a couple of times ) … But I’m kind of wondering how this m/m/m/m/m/m/m/f lifestyle keeps up throughout the series.

    • says

      I found it difficult to take the orgy scene seriously as well. Just didn’t work.

      The next book is a menage romance though right? I wonder if the whole gang joins in again. You can let me know. :)

  2. Mandi says

    I had a hard time with the first, but was still hoping this would be a cracky read for you


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