Review: Muscle for Hire by Lexxie Couper

Bodyguards and martial arts experts and movie stars… I chose Muscle for Hire to review because it had all three. It gets even better, a hot British bodyguard who is an ex-special forces soldier, a woman martial arts expert who has survived a heinous crime and a fantastically handsome movie star who used to be a wild child and is now trying to stay on the straight and narrow. I know right.

Muscle For Hire by Lexxie CouperAfter fifteen years as a bodyguard to a rock star Aslin Rhodes has pretty much seen it all and is happy with his life, but with his boss’s retirement he is suddenly at loose ends. When his boss, Nick,  asks him to help out on the set of a movie as a sort of fight scene expert to movie star Chris Huntley, he agrees. But this bodyguard/ex-soldier can’t keep his instincts put away, especially when he spies what he thinks is someone breaking into Chris’s trailer. That someone turns out to be Chris’s sister Rowan Hemsworth, who happens to be a martial arts expert and shows Aslin that she doesn’t take crap from anyone by drop kicking him on his ass. Despite their beginning, Rowan and Aslin share an immediate, intense attraction. They literally can’t keep their hands off each other, and they don’t really try to. The first day they meet they end it up against the wall in a back alley of a bar. Yes, folks, this couple doesn’t seem to mind public sex. In fact this gets them in trouble later on….

Chris and Rowan are extremely dedicated to each other. These siblings endured quite an emotional trauma in their childhood, watching a home invasion turn into the beating deaths of both of their parents. This causes them to react in different ways, Chris is the too fun loving actor and Rowan has become an extreme martial arts expert so that she will never be the victim again. When it seemed that Chris was becoming the clichéd troubled movie star, with too many hangers-on and too much partying, his sister steps in to give him some guidance and help keep him in control of his life.  Other than competing in competitions, she’s made her brother the top priority in her life.

This is one of those romantic suspense novels that you as a reader really need to suspend belief to read with enjoyment. There is off the charts, crazy, multiple, multiple orgasm sex (so multiple that at one point I think I snorted while reading),  explosions, psycho fans, paparazzi, almost sex on top of a Ducati and instalove. To be honest I dealt pretty well with all the above except the instalove. I mean really, NO ONE falls in love in three days. Not a believable, long-lasting love anyway. Sex and lust yes, love no. The sex scenes were plentiful and smoking hot. Rowan is obviously not afraid to show her sexy side and her British lover isn’t afraid to give her what she needs. Although, I will say, the sex scene on the day Rowan is caught in an explosion and has several cracked ribs might have been unnecessary.

I liked how Rowan dealt with her issues. She hasn’t let life make her a victim, yet she isn’t an over the top, ridiculous heroine. I have problems dealing with tough girl heroines who feel that being a uber bitch makes them more bad ass, Rowan might have talked tough, but she was also pretty likable. She and Aslin seem to be well matched and their chemistry was believable. Once they let each other in they really don’t fight it much, no big misunderstandings, no too stupid to live moments, just lots of attraction, hot sex and falling in love. There is a mystery to be solved, and it played well in this over the top romance. There were so many crazy people I couldn’t guess who the bad guy was.

I enjoyed reading my first Lexxie Couper romance. It turned out to be a fast, sexy read that was a lot of fun. I’m hoping that Chris gets his story next, I would love to meet the woman that makes him fall in love. Final Grade: C+

Favorite Quote:

His nostrils flared. “One of these days I’m really going to regret being bested by you.”

“You are?”

Aslin shook his head. “No.”

Rowan laughed, and then the sound faded away as Aslin’s hand circled her ankle.

Rating: C+
Muscle for Hire by Lexxie Couper
January 29th 2013 by Samhain
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