Review: Mr. Buff by April Angel

Mr. Buff by April AngelMr. Buff is such a cute title for a book.  I am normally a cover hore but for this book the title is what grabbed me.  For some reason Mr. Buff makes me think of those old Diet Coke commercials where all the women at the office take a break to watch the dude deliver the Diet Cokes.  Remember that one?

Anyway, in a similar way, from her office Alexandra can see into Mr. Buff’s office.  She times her day around him coming back from a workout and taking a shower and spends some time drooling over his body.  Since she has temporarily given up on men Mr. Buff is the best way for her to get her kicks.

Andrew Carter, or Mr. Buff, noticed Alex a long time ago but she had a boyfriend.  When he sees her at his club he can’t resist approaching her.  He is tired of high maintenance woman and thinks that Alex will be a refreshing change.  It quickly becomes obvious that she is different and she could be the one.

Alex and Andrew come together in a pretty smokin’ scene at his club.  Alex thinks she might have finally found a man that can be dominant enough to overrule her bossy tendencies in the bedroom.  She has never found that man but is hopeful after their first encounter that Andrew might be that man.

Mr. Buff is a fast book.  It is only 67 pages which kind of bummed me.  I wanted more relationship exploration between the two but that was just because I was enjoying the book so much.  The sex is hot which is always a plus.  There is a little of everything thrown in there with a dominant man guiding it all.  My favorite.  :)  I think I will look forward to going back and reading more of Ms. Angel’s backlist.  I enjoyed this book enough to search out more from her.  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

“Alexandra.”  Dark and possessive once again, his voice made her knees weak.

“Hmmmm?”  A whimper escaped her.  She continued to watch his hooded gaze.

“You have been a very bad girl.”

Rating: B+
Mr. Buff by April Angel
October 5th 2012 by Etopia Press
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