Review: More Than Friends by Jess Dee

More Than Friends Jess DeeLucy and Sebastian are best friends. They’ve been best friends for years. They run together, talk and text each other, are able to lean on each other when they need advice or solace and have an open movie night every Sunday. Though lately Lucy’s feelings have changed. Seb isn’t just her best friend, he’s the star in all of her fantasies and the man she’s fallen in love with. After one of their movie nights Lucy finally confesses her infatuation and shocks the hell out of poor Seb.

I’m a sucker for a friends to lovers storyline. They call to me.. I can’t resist them. All that history and  strong foundations create a wonderful set up for some intense emotions and wonderful sexy times. Seriously, who could resist that? Seb and Lucy have been friends for years before she drops her emotional bomb on him out of the blue, not knowing he’s met someone who he feels a connection with already. When she finally lets her feelings be known Seb just kind of sits there… then tells her he’s met someone and doesn’t feel the same way as she does. He loves her as a friend, not a lover. After Lucy races off in humiliation Seb chases her down and begins a confusing mix of emotions, anger and a man thinking only with his buddy below the belt.

Since this is only about 80 pages there wasn’t much page time for a realistic resolution. I had the feeling that this story could have been so much more than it was. The confession comes to a head with a long sex scene, then very little talking and all of a sudden it’s over and it’s love. It was hard for me to believe Seb’s emotional evolution since he says he loves her as a friend, sexes her up and then time jumps and it’s days later when he tells her his feelings have changed. Maybe if he hadn’t jumped her right after telling her he loved her just not in that way I would have been more satisfied.  The emotional connection between these two just wasn’t believable. Final grade- C-

Favorite Quote:

“I have all these feelings for you, just sitting right here, pressing on my heart, and I can’t ignore them. Can’t pretend they’re not there or they’re not real.”

Rating: C-
More Than Friends by Jess Dee
May 28th 2013 by Samhain Publishing
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  1. Ngaio says

    Thanks for this great review. I love friends to lovers stories as well for the same reasons you said but I don’t think I will give this a go now. I didn’t realise it was that short either