Review: Midnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Rescue - Elle KennedyMidnight Rescue is the first book in a new series by Elle Kennedy.  We are immediately introduced to a hunky set of men that all work for the same team.  They are former CIA, FBI, Seals, and so on.  This sort of plot really appeals to me because it usually means we will get to follow the whole team as each of them find their HEA.

And then in an even better twist, we are introduced to Noelle, the supposed deadliest female assassin around.  And she has her own team of women!  Imagine my happiness when it appears that we will get to read many books about these badass females hooking up with the fine men from above.

Noelle arrives at Jim Morgan’s compound to appeal to him for help.  One of her girls has not checked in from her assignment and Noelle believes her cover was blown.  She needs Jim’s team to help her extract her girl.  Abby, the girl in question, has allowed her cover to be blown on purpose.  She was on this mission to kill the head guy, Bianco, but Bianco has shown her his stash of underage girls.  The girls are going up for auction in a couple of weeks and Abby knows she cannot let that happen.  In order, to stay at the compound she compromises herself and her cover.  She is taken to the dungeon and repeatedly beat all the while having the key taped to her foot.  She is just waiting for the right time to break out and rescue the girls.  Before that time comes, Jim’s team swoops in and takes her away.

Once she is taken from the compound, Abby knows she will do anything possible to get back in and save the children.  She convince Kane, Jim’s second in command, to go back in for the rescue.

This was a very good romantic suspense.  It had all the right elements that I look for in a book like this.  The hot, alpha men.  The strong women they pair up with.  And a decent plot to back it all up.

Abby is a pretty rough character.  I would say she classifies as the fixer-upper whereas Kane is pretty laid back and smooth.  Abby has been the victim of rape several times so sex is nothing to her.  She feels nothing for it.  My biggest complaint with the book was that I didn’t see how Kane talked Abby into feeling sexual with him.  It seemed to be more left up to a chemistry thing but Abby had serious trauma in her background.  I am not sure a two-time rape victim would have given in to sex quite so easily.

One very believable side was Abby’s lack of trust in pretty much anyone and anything.  Ms Kennedy held true to that.  Even at the end of the book there were examples of how Abby will have a difficult time giving trust to someone else.  She acts out alone in most of the things she does and sleeping with Kane does not change that part of her psyche.  In a lot of books like this we see the heroine have instant trust for the hero and that was not the case here.  Abby’s personality followed true to form on the trust issue.

This was a very enjoyable first novel in a new series.  Each character was touched upon so we have a lot to look forward to.  The next couple, as I hope they will be, was featured prominently and they have some big issues to get around.  I will eagerly pick up the next novel in this series when it comes out.  Final grade:  B+

Favorite Quote:

“Ethan’s in love too,” Luke added, the grin widening.

“I’m not in love with her,”  Ethan protested, his preppy-handsome face flushing.  “Maggie’s just a friend.”

“Sure,” Luke mocked.  “Because I go to a shitty bar every night, sit in the same corner booth, and gawk at my friends all night.”

The younger guy’s face turned a darker shade of red.  “I don’t gawk.  I only go there to talk to her.”

Kane wrinkled his forehead.  “Really?”


“What do you talk about?”

Ethan shrugged.  “You know, stuff.  I tell her funny stories about my hometown.  She tells me about herself, how she hates working for her father and how she’s saving up money to go to college in the States.  She’s a really nice girl,” he said, sounding defensive.  “She wants to be a doctor.”

The kid’s speech has Kane and Luke going silent.  Seriously?  That’s the kind of shit he talked to women about?  Kane couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a real conversation with a female.  His chats with women consisted of sentences like, “Do you like that, babe?” or “Roll over, I want to screw you from behind.”

Rating: B+
Midnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy
May 1st 2012 by Signet Eclipse
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  1. says

    So I’m assuming that the rapes were casualties of her profession. Am I right? If so, I like that. It always irritates me when female operatives somehow remain virgins. It’s just not realistic. One, you’re probably going to have to sleep with a target at some point to get in closer, just like any guy would. Two, rape is usually one of the first things to happen to a woman (and sometimes a man) when they find themselves at a severe disadvantage in a situation. It just makes no sense to be a virgin spy/operative! Okay, rant off. 😛

    Other than that, though, I’m sorry to hear that the author didn’t give a more believable reason for the heroine being able to connect sexually with the hero. I can’t imagine it being that easy for someone who has come to distance herself so completely from sex.

    • says

      Good point. I can’t say that I have ever thought of it that way. It just seems that most women in that line of work somehow are always saved before that very bad thing happens to them.

      It was still an interesting book even if I didn’t feel the “warmth” from the main couple. The next book should be real interesting as the dude is so closed off I can’t see how it is going to play out.

  2. Amy says

    I’m looking forward to this series. Love that from what you said both the female assassins and the seals will have interconnecting books!

    • says

      I love series like this! I think it will be interesting to see members of both groups pair up together. And it seems like the heads of each group have a thing for each other too!

  3. says

    Dammit, my own blog ate my comment. *smacks*

    Anyway…I like the idea of a whole team of female assassins! This series sound promising.

    • says

      Snort- I just got the “Slow down. You are posting your comments too fast” message. That is new!

      It should be a good one!

      • says

        Yes, the blog wants you to slow and down consider what you’re about to say. Once you click “Post Comment” there is no going back Jen! lol