Review: Midnight Games by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Games Elle KennedyTrevor Callaghan lost his fiancée when he wasn’t around to protect her and for two years he was a broken man.  He quit his mercenary work and at one point contemplated suicide.  He was reckless in the field with complete disregard for his own safety until one woman snuck under his shell of grief.

Isabel Roma is many people because she cannot stand being herself.  She is the master of disguises and thrives on jobs where she doesn’t have to face the reality of her own life.  Everyone that loves her ends up dying or getting hurt and that is her excuse for running from Trevor when the start to become close.  But six months later she knows she owes him an explanation she travels to Jim Morgan’s compound to give him that explanation.

Instead of talking to Trevor right away, Isabel stalls and then loses the chance when the compound is attacked.  The team has lost contact with their boss and they have no way to find him.  Their only place to turn is to Noelle, Isabel’s boss, and she isn’t likely to give an inch when it comes to Jim Morgan.

The team is taken to the other side of the world to the man who might have hired the group that attacked the compound.  They still don’t know why the attack or who it was directed towards but it will take all of their combined skills to figure that part out.  Isabel needs revert back to one of her older personas in order to get in the pocket of their suspect and Trevor does not like that.  He has a hard time dealing with the woman he is falling for being directly in the line of danger but he has to figure out a way to get over that because danger is what Isabel does.

While this is the story of Isabel and Trevor there are still layers upon layers of plot.  The way this series is set up there is a team of women with Noelle as the boss and a larger team of men with Jim as the boss.  With each book we see missions that cause the two groups to pair up and we see natural couples form from those missions.  Operatives sleep with other operatives, they flirt all around and there are even two men that talk of threesomes.  Dare I hope they also hook up?

But the great part is there is still more going on.  Noelle and Jim have some sort of history that we are not privy too yet and Noelle despises Jim.  She might help locate him in this book but she makes it clear that is only because she wants him to owe her.  There is no give in her cold-hearted persona until the last couple of pages of Midnight Games.  There is a scene between Jim and Noelle that made me very excited.  Could we possibly ship those two together?  Each time they are together tension and chemistry explode off the pages but I think they have a long time before they will ever be ready for each other.

I can see this series lasting a long time and that is a good thing.  So far each book has been suspenseful, heartbreaking and full of sexy times, with Midnight Games being the best yet.  While Ms. Kennedy’s Out of Uniform series will always have the straight guy blow job scene, this series has hit every note for me and it has quickly become a favorite.   I really look forward to the next book and whatever adventure it will take us on.  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

 “Only one needs to stay alive, damn it.”

“Clearly that’s impossible seeing as we’re surrounded by trigger-happy assholes,” Kane muttered.

“You know one of those assholes is your wife, right?”

Rating: B+
Midnight Games by Elle Kennedy
August 6th 2013 by Signet
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