Review: A Match Made in Texas by Katie Lane

A Match Made in Texas (Deep in the Heart of Texas #6) This is the 6th book in Katie Lane’s Deep in the Heart of Texas series. I’ve read one other book in this series that I  liked, so I was looking forward to reading this one. This book can easily be read as a stand alone. However, overall I was disappointed in this one. I felt the plot was just too far-fetched for me to find the love story between the two main characters plausible enough for me to really enjoy.

Brianne is sort of on the run from her family and her past. She’s a rich a girl trying to make her own way in life. Along the way, she breaks the law, runs into hot Sheriff Dusty, becomes his maid as community service, all while the town is dealing with a crazy Elvis impersonator who is also a reverend.

The plot is all over the place and when Brianne’s big secret she’s running from is finally revealed, I basically rolled my eyes. I don’t think that two mature adults would find her secret to be that big of a deal. But maybe that’s just me. The hero, Dusty Hicks, has the patience of a saint and I enjoyed his character. But the “burned by a spoiled rich girl, so I’m going to be extra careful” plot wasn’t to my liking. I also found a hard time believing that Dusty would fall for Brianne so quickly considering his past with his ex. Slowly little things about Brianne come out that make her more likable, but the crazy plot overshadowed the good parts.

I realize this is a fictional romance book, but I think I needed just a little more plausibility mixed in to get on board with the romance.

Rating: D+
A Match Made in Texas by Katie Lane
March 25th 2014 by Forever
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