Review: Make Me Shiver by Aline Hunter

“How he loved and hated the elusive phantom known as faith.”

Lacey Walsh is experiencing the day from hell!  After walking in on her boyfriend with his head buried in his secretary’s crotch, she then heads home in a brewing Tennessee snowstorm only to loose control of her car on the ice and land against the guard rail.  Michael Gilchrist is the owner of Mike’s Wrecker Service and also the eye candy Lacey Make Me Shiverhas lusted after from afar.  After one night of flirting with Michael at the local bar, Lacey’s friend Candice informs her that he is into a dominant lifestyle.  This information stirs feelings of curiosity and arousal that she does not expect but refuses to pursue so she thanks Michael for the drink and leaves.  However, this does not stop her mind from obsessively fantasizing of Michael and what it would be like to be under his control.  Lacey calls Mike’s Wrecker Service to get a tow back to town and lo and behold who shows up to help her but her sexy dream man Michael.  He picks her up and they head to assist another wreck, then make a quick stop by his house before he takes her home.  Once inside, Michael informs her she is free to make herself at home but if she goes to the basement, be sure and leave the door open or she will be locked in.  Knowing that the basement must be his “playroom”, Lacey decides to explore the room and in doing so finds toys and devices that ignite feelings of warmth and desire within her body instead of fear.  When Michael finds her in the basement he asks her two important questions that will make or break any further pursuit of a relationship:

“I have two questions, Angel.”  “O-Okay,” she stammered, finding it challenging to breathe with him so close.

“Why did you run that night at Haddie’s?”

“Do you want to run now?”

In Make Me Shiver, Aline Hunter aka J.A. Saare creates the groundwork for an incredibly engaging story of sexual awakening and desire as well as establishing trust in a new relationship.  Where Ms. Hunter really hits the mark is her mastery of visual stimulation of the character’s emotions and reactions.  Witnessing moments of jealousy, uncertainty, lust or fear, the character’s actions are unrefined and authentic which does not always produce the expected outcome.  What I enjoyed most about this story is the focus was not the BDSM lifestyle, but the awareness of what it takes as a person to put their faith, hope and complete trust in another.

“She peered into his shimmering ice-blue eyes.  She could see the approval in his stare, could feel the pleasure it gave her to please him.  If happiness were a drug she’d live on a constant high if he presented that same look to her each and every time she did something he requested.”

Michael embodies a perfect balance of the type of alpha male that I enjoy wrapping my legs…errr arms around! (My own answer to Michael would be, “hell yes, I’m staying!”)  He exudes sexiness, confidence without cockiness, and presents a solid exterior persona.  But on the inside, he is in knots because of how much control Lacey has of his emotions, thoughts and actions.  He craves her like no one else and it scares the hell out of him.  Michael ultimately wants Lacey’s honesty, absolute trust and consent and therefore does not overly push her into a submissive/play lifestyle.  Lacey struggles with not only her new found feelings of submissive desire, but also her fear of being vulnerable to a self-assured, enticing man who demands her total trust.  Michael knows that he cannot move forward with Lacey until she is willing to place her complete trust and loyalty into his care and proves it in a final test that will either solidify or destroy their future as a couple.

What attracts me to Ms. Hunter’s contemporary erotic reads is not only her realistic characters and plots, but also how she covey’s the emotional turmoil and passion that they experience on the journey.  Ms. Hunter’s voice is raw, provoking, not sappy or sugary and as the reader you feel as if you are experiencing the relationship unfold with every thought and action she pens.  Laced with stirring intimacy, potent sexual chemistry and sizzling desire, she creates a palpable atmosphere that the reader does not want to escape from.  Make Me Shiver delivers an alluring and seductively satisfying story that I did not want to end proving to be a fantastic start to what I believe will be an amazing series!

Favorite Quote:

“That’s it, angel.  I want you to come on my fingers.  I want to feel you spasm all around them.  And when you do, I want you to imagine it’s my cock inside you, thick and hard.  It is, you know.  I’ve been hard as a fucking diamond ever since I picked you up.  It’s been torture keeping my hands to myself.  Make it worth my while.  Show me that you’re worth waiting for.”

Rating: A
Make Me Shiver by Aline Hunter
December 21st 2011 by Ellora’s Cave
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    • says

      It definitely delivers both and really explores how the heroine struggles with placing her complete trust in a relationship/man. And a hot man at that! 😉

  1. Lexi says

    Ummmm, yeah that favorite quote had me shivering! Nice review, I think I will have to check out a Aline Hunter book now!

  2. says

    What I enjoyed most about this story is the focus was not the BDSM lifestyle, but the awareness of what it takes as a person to put their faith, hope and complete trust in another.

    That has me intrigued. I’m not a BDSM fan, but I (usually) don’t mind it when the other things you mentioned are the focus.