Review: Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis

Lucky In Love Jill ShalvisLucky in Love is the fourth book in the Lucky Harbor series.  The first three books followed three sisters and were wonderful books.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a new set of characters.  I had heard this was going be another trilogy and wondered how the new characters would be introduced.  Within a couple of pages I found out that MCG, Mysterious Cute Guy, would be the focus of this book.

The three female characters are introduced fairly early in the book also.  I kind of felt like they didn’t tie together well.  They weren’t anyone we had met before and one of them, Grace, has never even been to Lucky Harbor.  She kind of felt thrown in there.  The three male characters felt more tied into the community.  Ty had been mentioned in the previous books, Matt is Ty’s work out partner and Josh is his doctor.

Of course, once the book started new or old character didn’t really matter.  As always, Ms. Shalvis sucked me into a wonderful story.

After a traumatic plane crash that took the lives of his team and closest friends, Ty is biding his time in Lucky Harbor until he is cleared to go back to work.  He has no intention of staying in Lucky Harbor so he has gone out of his way to not make himself a part of the community.  But one stormy night he is felled by a tree branch and rescued by Mallory and her girls.

Mallory is an ER nurse and just the person Ty needs at that moment.  Thinking it a great idea, Amy gets Ty to agree to be Mallory’s date to an upcoming charity event.  Unfortunately, Ty has a concussion and does not remember he is supposed to be Mallory’s date.  Thinking she has been stood up Mallory is surprised to find Ty sitting at one of the tables.  An equally surprised Ty fills as the date.  The date leads to a very hot encounter and a tentative connection between Ty and Mallory.

All of the characters from the previous Lucky Harbor books are present and accounted for in this new trilogy.  The town itself is a serious hoot with its Facebook page filled with gossip and the inability of anyone to keep a secret.  Mallory is the town good girl so she is pretty much property of everyone.  It is done in a good way though.  I never felt like the people were intrusive or took anything away from Ty and Mallory.  Ty is a big secret that everyone wants to figure out and they do this by using Mallory as the connection.

Lucky in Love is a wonderful book.  Each book in this series is funny, heartfelt and a pleasure to read.   I recently heard that Ms. Shalvis is going to have a third trilogy set in Lucky Harbor and I am thrilled by that news.  I am pretty confident the remaining books will be a great as the first four have been.  Final grade- A-


Favorite Quote:

Ty slid her a look. “You have a bit of a mean streak.”

She laughed. It was true, even if not a single soul in Lucky Harbor would believe it. She had no idea what it said about her that Ty, a perfect stranger, saw more of her than anyone who actually knew her.

At her smile, Ty leaned close, his gaze dropping from her eyes to her mouth. “I like a woman with a mean streak.”

Rating: A-
Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis
Jun 1, 2012 by Forever
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