Review: Lord’s Fall by Thea Harrison

Lord's Fall (Elder Races #5) by Thea Harrison Lord’s Fall is the fifth book in the Elder Races series by Thea Harrison and brings us back to the couple that started it all, Dragos and Pia. I am one of those readers who has loved each book in this series. I haven’t been disappointed with any of these stories. With the return of this couple we get to see how the events of the last couple of books have affected the Wyr and if this couple have settled into mated life.

Pia is on her own for the first part, she is traveling to visit with the Elves in the hopes of smoothing over the hostilities that were created in the first book, Dragon Bound. At the same time she is having to deal with finding her place in the Wyr demesne, trying to gain some trust with her traveling companions and learning how to build a partnership with Dragos. Because of the events of the last several books Dragos is without two of his seven sentinels. To fix this issue he has decided to have the Sentinel Games, where the strongest Wyr in the realm will fight over the right to be the last seven standing. Several things happen that causes this couple, the Wyr and the Elves to have to come together to overcome a powerful object being used in horrible ways.

I have a lot of love for this series. In a genre that is ridiculously over populated this series is a stand out for me. I’m not sure if it’s the über alpha males, the really cool world building or that I can’t get enough of and care about all the secondary characters. I even like the bitchy, hard ass Aryal. I enjoy that Thea Harrison not only writes those alpha males, but gives them strong, intelligent woman to mate with. Dragos is obviously the longer lived, stronger one in his relationship with Pia, but all throughout this book they really try to work together to build a workable, equal partnership. At the beginning I was worried at their separation. I usually don’t care for that type of story. I don’t want to spend chapters and chapters reading each character’s internal thoughts about the other with no real interaction between them, and yes, I’ve read books like this, but, it worked for this story. The way they deal with their separation, how they are learning to work with each other’s needs and ultimately the way they are reunited really, really worked for me. Their reunion scene… *sigh* . I like how Dragos is written. He is the ultimate male, created at the beginning of time, who can quite literally squash pretty much anything or anyone he comes into contact with, but he’s not an asshole. He values Pia, isn’t afraid to show it, say it and let everyone know it.

Pia has really started to come into her own. She still hasn’t come out with her Wyr form, but I think she is starting to realize she will have to at some point. I’m glad that she has developed her own friendships, and has people that seem to be loyal just to her. I liked that she seems to adore Dragos, but at the same time never lets me walk all over her. Actually, in a world where everyone she meets is powerful, she takes control of most situations and seems to know her own worth.

Old characters get some page time (I’m thinking Quinten is going to be interesting to watch in upcoming books), new characters are introduced (I think you will like these new characters :) ) and relationships are both smoothed over and deepened.  There are some very good action scenes toward the end that show how all of these characters work together to overcome overwhelming odds. Overall I was very pleased with my return to the Pia and Dragos storyline. They will forever be my favorite couple in the Elder Races. This series offers it’s readers magic, awesome action scenes, wonderfully fleshed out characters while still focusing a beautifully told ongoing love story. I can’t wait to see whose story is next.

Favorite Quote:

As soon as her skin didn’t throb from the heat, she ran forward. She barely felt her feet touch the ground. As she approached him, Dragos shifted into his human form and raced toward her, his bronzed, machete hewn features thrown into dark shadow by the intense glow in his eyes.

When she was still a few yards away, she leaped. He snatched her out of the air and clenched her to him as she wrapped arms and legs around him.  He went to his knees, holding her so tightly she couldn’t breathe, and his Power enveloped her. One tremendous hand cupped the back of her head. She closed her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder as he put his face in her neck.

Neither one said anything. Their bruising hold on each other said it all.

Rating: B+
Lord’s Fall by Thea Harrison
November 6th 2012 by Berkley
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    I am reading this right now and so far its so-so…about 50 pages in. I want more Dragos and Pia time, its just pretty much background stuff so far. All good reviews though so I’m still excited :)

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    I loved Dragos and Pia but I felt this series was gradually losing steam. I’m waiting for the reviews on this one before I buy. I really want the first book thrill. I’m glad you liked this one Angela.