Review: The Long Con by Lori Toland

The Long Con - Lori TolandOh, how can I love parts of this book so much knowing I probably shouldn’t? I eagerly kept turning the pages wanting more while telling myself, “It’s happening too fast” ….”too many lies going on”… I don’t like it when characters lie to each other or when relationships form based on lies. Then throw in “insta-love” and I really shouldn’t like it. *whispers* But I did. This felt like a little guilty pleasure where I just had to suspend belief and let the story roll on. Sometimes us readers need to do that don’t we? No? Yes? I’m blaming the hot sex.

Nathaniel is a British agent who somehow takes it upon himself to find his family’s stolen rare Faberge egg. He poses as a male prostitute to get himself inside a con ring. His target is Tony, the son of a mafia boss. The two of them come face to face and immediately there’s an attraction. Wait…isn’t Nate supposed to be undercover and Tony is his target? They are going to hook up the first night they meet? Oh yes, Nate is posing as prostitute. And this is where I had to throw my hands up and say “to hell with it” and I just let myself enjoy the chemistry between Nate and Tony. It just so happens that Nate is a dominant lover and Tony enjoys being the submissive.

As the plot of the stolen Faberge egg unfolds, Nate starts to see the real Tony and he’s not just some son of a Mafia boss. He’s not a bad man. In fact Nate finds himself quite taken with Tony and the two of them are definitely enjoying their time together in the bedroom, or the kitchen, or the shower. And I think at this point the two of them have been together about 48 hours. They are also falling madly in love with each other.

I have to give the author points for a strong mystery plot. I was definitely surprised when some things were revealed. But the speediness of the whole thing coupled with the separation of Nate and Tony who are supposedly so in love with each other just left this whole book not making sense on many levels. Again, this is where I chose to suspend belief and escape into the erotic parts. I also found both Nate and Tony to be very likable which may be why I enjoyed it too. I even don’t like myself very much for the quotes I loved, but I couldn’t resist. I guess I’m a sucker for 4-5 day old love. 😉

Favorite Quotes:

“I pulled back to stare into his eyes. I didn’t know where to go from here. All I knew was tomorrow the pieces of my heart would be scattered from New York to England.”

“I thought my tears would make the ink run, but it didn’t. I laughed through them at his last line, cherishing his love and cursing the world we lived in.”

Rating: C+
The Long Con by Lori Toland
April 17th 2012 by Loose Id
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  1. Helyce says

    Samantha, I felt the same way! I reviewed this one at Smexybooks and had the same reaction as you. Loved the whole “con” storyline-thought is was really well done and I was surprised at certain parts too. But I agree, everything with Nate and Tony felt rushed and I just didn’t buy how they spoke to each other. And yes, the separation at the end just didn’t fit with the major love fest they had going on.