Review: Living on the Edge by Shannon K. Butcher

Living on the Edge (Edge, #1)Living on the Edge is the first book in a new series called The Edge by Shannon K. Butcher. The series revolves around a group of bad ass mercenaries who work for a group called The Edge and are made up of a good mix of hot men and tough as nails women so there’s likely to be many more books to come.

In Living on the Edge, Sloane, one of the female mercenaries in the Edge sets off to Columbia to rescue her friend Gina who is being held hostage by a very evil man. But Sloane’s powerful father has sent Lucas, one of her father’s former soldiers, to bring her back home safely. And Lucas owes Sloane’s father for his life – so how could he refuse?

What follows is a somewhat steamy and suspenseful romance between a kick-ass stubborn chick and a hot and honorable kick-ass man. I have to say though that the plot itself is nothing earth shattering. And although I think Butcher tried to throw some plot twists in, I couldn’t tell if how easy it was to figure things out was the way it was supposed to be? In addition the main driving force of the plot is not wrapped up nice and tight at the end, so the stage is set for books to come in the series. But there was loads of action – gun fights, grenades, blowing things up, bullet wounds, and knife fights. This kept the story moving at a fast pace and left little time for the hero and heroine to constantly be in each other’s pants even though they wanted to be – all while the two of them were desperately trying to not get emotionally attached to each other.

Towards the end Butcher started a side-story between two secondary characters, Sophie and Riley, but then left us hanging at the end. I was almost as interested in the developing story between these two than the main characters of Sloane and Lucas, because you could really feel the emotions between the two of them.

Overall I really enjoyed the character of Lucas and for the most part I felt okay with Sloane as the heroine. Her stubbornness towards her father who she thought had never loved her was a bit much. She’s a smart woman. The two of them could have sat down and had a conversation with each other at the very least. But this was a definitely a method Butcher used to create more tension in the plot and was a way to explain Sloane’s hardened exterior.

Due to the fact that I want more between the two secondary characters of Sophie and Riley, I will definitely keep reading the books in this series until it gets to them! I am also very curious to see who Bella, the leader/owner of The Edge, ends up with in the future.

Favorite Quote:


“That’s why I want you in my life. A little. A lot. Up close. Long distance. However I can get you.”


Living on the Edge by Shannon K. Butcher
March 1st 2011 by Signet
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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    I love Butcher’s Sennteniel (sp?) series. I’m not sure this one is for me the whole mercenary thingy isn’t my top theme to read.

    Nice review!