Review: Lawe’s Justice by Lora Leigh

Lawe's Justice
This series is a guilty pleasure of mine. I accept things from this author that I would harshly ridicule from another. The sex is frequent and over the top, and the characters are a bit over dramatic. The characters and they way they talk aren’t realistic, and the author can be repetitive. I know this, and I just don’t care. I don’t like this author’s other series, but this one is like crack to me. But, I’ve found that I swing back and forth between enjoying these books and not. I continue to pick them up because when they work, they really work, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t disliked a fair share of them. Unfortunately, this book is falls into the dislike category.

One of my main complaints about this book is that NOTHING HAPPENS. This is a classic example of a bridge book. The plot doesn’t go anywhere. All it did was setup things for future books. I can understand why the author would need to have a book like this, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was pretty boring. A big deal was made out of Diane’s determination to find a cure for her niece, yet it never goes anywhere. The same goes for the storyline that was introduced with Gideon. I can see that those things will go somewhere in the future, but that doesn’t help my enjoyment in the here and now. The only thing that was actually resolved was getting Diane and Lawe together.

Speaking of Diane and Lawe…I got tired of them. Lawe and Diane spent the whole book arguing and struggling to mesh their personalities enough to work as mates. Due to his past, Lawe is extremely overprotective and wants wrap Diane up and keep her out of the line of fire. Diane can’t accept this because she loves her job and won’t change her personality just to be his mate. The conflict between them was valid, but it went on way too long. I was on Diane’s side, and was pretty ticked off about how many people tried to guilt her into doing things Lawe’s way, but even I got tired of her constant refrain by the end. It stopped feeling worthwhile and just felt whiny. I felt bad for Lawe’s past, but his behavior made it hard for me to like him. At the end he finally came to respect her and her capabilities, but it was too little too late for me.

I liked that the author kept Diane and Law from having sex right away. It gave them more of a chance to talk and try to come to terms with each other before the mating heat clouded their minds. I found their constant back and forth frustrating and a bit boring, but I still appreciate that the sex didn’t push it out of the way. That’s been a complaint of mine in the past with this series. I also liked getting to see what has developed with Amber, Rachel’s daughter. I’m very interested in seeing why David, Callan’s son, growls and can’t stand to be in the same room with her.

I was surprised by how much I ended up disliking Rachel. I can’t say that she’s ever been a favorite of mine, but I almost grew to hate her. Her whiny, emo behavior at the expense of her daughter’s feelings left me extremely unimpressed. I was glad Diane talked some sense into her, but I would have liked it even more if it would have been accompanied by a slap upside the head. I also can’t believe the way Rachel turned on Diane again and again just because she thought she was right. Especially after Diane calls her on it once! They have a make up scene and then she turns right around and does something crappy again. Man, she sucks.

Although the plot didn’t go anywhere, I did like being introduced to Gideon. He was very interesting and kept my attention much better than the main storyline did. I’m eager to see more development with him. Given the way everything was left hanging at the end, I assume we’ll see more of him in the next book. I was also pleased to see a bit of Dog. When are we finally going to get his book? :) We saw quite a bit of Rule here, but he wasn’t as likable as he’s been in the past. I’ve never had a problem with him before, but I was extremely turned off by his desire to swap mates with Lawe. I thought at first he might be trying to pressure Lawe into claiming Diane, but I came to realize he was dead serious. Very crappy of him. I’m pretty sure I remember who Rule’s mate is, but I could be wrong. Whoever it is, I hope she finds out that he wanted to swap her.

Rating: D
Lawe’s Justice by Lora Leigh
December 6th 2011 by Berkley
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  1. says

    Chalk me up as another person this series is a guilty pleasure for. I know exactly what the book is going to read like yet I cannot stop buying them. I think I am just biding my time until Cassie’s book.

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          I thought it was the doctor, Ely. Wasn’t he her bodyguard when she had her mind screwed with in Mercury’s War? If so, I remember some of the interactions between them hinted at a deeper connection that was being denied. I could be remembering wrong, though. *shrug*

  2. says

    I recently finished my first Lora Leigh book, Marly’s Choice from her Men of August series. I felt like I was in a train wreck similar to the Jersey Shore, lol. And while I gave it 2 stars, I still want to read the next two books to find out what happens with the characters!

  3. Maria D. says

    Yeah…guilty pleasure here too but I’ll have to admit that I don’t run to read them like I used to …like you said …when they work, like Coyote’s Breed did, they work….when they don’t …they really, really don’t…lol

    • says

      I’m the same. I’m still curious, but I don’t have the drive to read them like I used to. I took a long break from them and only came back to catch up when I heard Lion’s Heat was coming out.

      I loved Coyote’s Mate! That was definitely one where she worked for me.

  4. says

    ugh…the more recent LL reviews I see, the more I wonder about her books,.

    I do have the first couple in this series I want to try – but too bad about her recent stuff

    • says

      I think you at least need to read Lion’s Heat for this one to make sense. Like I said, it’s a bridge book, and it was just building on the storyline that was started in Lion’s Heat.

  5. pamelia says

    Yeah… I gave up on this series after Jonas’ book was THE GIANT SUCKY MESS. But you’re right, when she’s on her books are great. Some of my favorites are “Elizabeth’s Wolf” and “Dawn’s Awakening”. She manages to really bring the emotion in a big way when she’s at the top of her game.
    @ Annie: I read the series out of order at first but I would recommend starting at the beginning with the Ellora’s Cave books.

    • says

      Do not even talk to me about Jonas’s book! I don’t want to relive the disappointment. What happened there??? It was supposed to be good, damn it! The same thing happened with Bengal’s Heart, though. Total disappointment.

  6. Diane says

    You hit it bang on; I’ve been disappointed in her last few books in her Breeds series. I want them back to the beginning books!

  7. says

    This series is a guilty pleasure of mine. I accept things from this author that I would harshly ridicule from another. The sex is frequent and over the top, and the characters are a bit over dramatic. The characters and they way they talk aren’t realistic, and the author can be repetitive. I know this, and I just don’t care.

    I could have written the exact same words about J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

  8. Linda S says

    Ditto on everything! My first real disappointment was with Bengal’s Heart and now they all seem to be more miss than hit. I completely agree that Rule took a turn for the skeevy. I will also guility agree to liking the ones mentioned above, plus Mercury’s War. I am scared to think what will happen to Cassie and the now sainted Ashley. I did like Thor.

      • Linda S says

        Yes, I enjoyed Ashley from Coyote’s Mate, but now she seems to be turning into an annoying symbol.

          • Linda S. says

            She was the one in Lawe’s Justice who was in the hospital after being shot by the stalker in the anthology short story I can’t remember the name of. Maybe I’m remembering more of the gathering and wailing from the short story than from this book, but I’m pretty sure there was talk of her dying twice in surgery and needing extensive recovery.

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              Oh, right. I remember that now. I didn’t read the anthology, though, so that may be why it didn’t stick out in my mind as a big thing.

  9. says

    I so agree with you and the comments made. Breeds is my guilty pleasure, but the last few books have been disappointments. I had hopes for this one, and the beginning was good. I enjoyed the heart-wrenching dialogue. It reminded me of Coyote’s Mate. But then it became so repetive and whiny. And the ending?! Nothing. It was awful. I probably rated it too high. I don’t know how many more books I can read in this series. Thanks for your review!

    • says

      You’re right about the beginning giving the impression that there would be emotional intensity and an honest struggle to come together, like in Coyote’s Mate, but it didn’t work out that well. Like you said, it eventually became repetitive and whiny.

  10. says

    I agree so much with your review. I thought it was just me and that I was getting tired of the series that I found this story boring. Jonas’ story also fell flat for me and omg Rachel is such a bitch to Diane when Diane does so much for her. I didn’t like Rachel in her story and her actions in this book just reinforces my feeling. Lol.

    Rule pushing to swap his mate was just major no no and like you I really hope his mate will find out!

    I hope Cassie’s story will be as great as our expectations which come to think of it is a fair request considering the buildup to her story. And do you think we will get a story on David? He is pretty young and there are still other characters ahead of him who hasn’t gotten their stories.

    Edited to add: I love Elizabeth’s Wolf and Coyote’s Mate. :)

    • says

      I was very, very unhappy with Rachel in this book. I’d rather avoid seeing her in future books. She’s killed what little enjoyment I used to have of her. I never felt she meshed well with Jonas anyway, but now she’s changed even more and it’s almost impossible to see the attraction.

      I’m nervous about Cassie’s story because Jonas and Cabal were really built up too, but both of their books fizzled for me. Hopefully the same doesn’t happen with Cassie. :\

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a story about David–it would be interesting to see a story from the second generation POV–but I don’t know how long she’d have to draw this series out to get there.

      • says

        Has there been mention of Cassie’s book? That is one of the things I’m annoyed with right now. She has taken Cassie out of the story all together lately. Bring back Cassie and stop changing directions!! She has so many characters that haven’t had their day yet! Stop bringing in new stuff until the exciting is resolved!

        • says

          No, unfortunately I haven’t heard anything about her having a book. I’m just assuming she will because I can’t imagine she’d have all that build up for nothing. I’m right there with you, wishing we could resolve one thing before moving in another direction.

  11. says

    Yep, guilty pleasure! I didn’t care much for the story. I don’t like filler books and despite the couple’s relationship moving forward, nothing happened. I on the other hand, liked Rache’s story. The Rachel introduced in this book was not the same woman. I disliked her from the moment she showed her face in this book. I’m hoping the next book is better.

    • says

      I agree that she seemed completely different than the woman we met in Lion’s Heat. The author did her no favors by taking her character in that direction.

  12. LethalLovely says

    One of my main complaints about this book is that NOTHING HAPPENS

    Whachu talking about? OF COURSE something happens. The hero/ine fight & argue & deny the mating heat then he sticks his barb/knot inside of her & then they engage in lots & lots of butt secks. You don’t think that qualifies as something exciting happening? God, Catherine. You don’t know what you’re missing!

    *Lethal is so full of S-H-I-T*

  13. says

    Not a series I am following, but I can understand where you coming from. I do read some very long series, and I still love them, although some have long ago stopped reading those books.

    • says

      I have some long series that I’m still following (and have no intention of stopping) too. It’s all about maintaining that spark that first lured me in. If they keep that going, I’ll keep coming back for more.