Review: Lashings of Sauce by UK MAT

Blurb: This anthology is a souvenir of the 2012 UK Meet, an occasion for GLBTQ supporters to get together in a relaxed setting to celebrate and chat about the fiction community they love. Funds from the sale of this anthology will go towards future UK Meets, to which all are welcome.

Lashings of SauceThis anthology is made up of individual short stories from 16 different authors and the stories focus on GLBTQ fiction. Some of these authors were new to me and a few are some of my favorites (JL Merrow, Jordan Castillo Price). It would be impossible to give reviews for 16 different stories, but there are some real gems in this book and I think overall this book gives readers some great examples of authors to try out if you read these genres.

My favorite stories included:

Dressing Down by Clare London  – I think I need to find a cross-dressing hero somewhere! Do you know of one??

Et Tu, Fishies by JL Merrow – the perfect example of Merrow’s “voice” and her ability to write unique characters.

Zones by Elyan Smith – a thought  provoking story including a Male to Female character and a family.

Lost in London by Tam Ames – my favorite story in the book. A very sweet and funny story of a Canadian lost in London who is saved by a younger guy. I LOVED this story. I have never read this author before, and I’ll soon be seeing what else she has available. Such a complete story was packed in to so few pages, and I was very impressed.

There were a few stories I didn’t find particularly interesting or didn’t  wow me (a guy who shifts into a sloth?) but it was only just a few. If anything this book made me think of how great it would be if other genres of my favorite authors put something like this together – especially if it were stories that were not tied to their other series. How awesome would that be to get totally independent short stories with new characters to give us a little taste.

At around 220 pages with 16 different stories, I was still very pleased with the depth of some of the short stories in Lashings of Sauce and it helped me discover some new authors. I look forward to checking out their other works.

Rating: B+
Lashings of Sauce by UK MAT
July 22nd 2012 by JMS Books
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    I haven’t read all of the stories yet, only the first set (my friend Lis is reviewing the other half of the anthology) but I agree with you on the stories from Clare London and JL Merrow. They were wonderful! Tam’s story I haven’t read yet, but I’m definitely going to now. Great review, Sam! :)

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    Thanks so much Samantha, I’m extremely flattered. If you are looking for a good cross-dressing heroes (and Clare’s story was wonderful) some are:

    Max & Skylar series – Acer Adamson (a novel is coming I believe)
    Windows in Time – M. Jules Adin (a historical/contemporary/paranormal)
    Slow Bloom – Anah Crow & Diane Fox (BDSMy)
    Dressed to Thrill – Kimberly Gardiner (contemporary)
    Bravo/Brava – Jet Mykles (anthology of 3 stories)
    Lola Dances – Victor J. Banis (historical western – I think Western)

    I’m not a huge fan of crossdressing, but the Max and Skylar series really sucked me in. They are just little shorts and I know many people have LOVED the Windows in Time story.