Review: The Kraken King Part V: The Kraken King and the Iron Heart

The Kraken King Part V- The Kraken King and the Iron Heart (Iron Seas #4.5) by Meljean BrookWhen we last left our couple they had been taken prisoner and the identity of the villains and their motives were revealed. Knowing they would be separated and Zenobia used against him to guarantee his cooperation Ariq made her a promise that he would come for her before the next new moon. And of course, our hero keeps his promises. :) Unable to wait any longer to be rescued Zenobia attempts a daring escape, only to be surprised when Ariq shows up and spirits her away. Now they must travel back to the Red City to  get help stopping what Ariq fears will be the destruction of both the smuggler’s dens and Krakentown.

Even with the daring rescue at the beginning, this episode of The Kraken King is mainly about Ariq and Zenobia finally, finally spending some quality time together and coming to an understanding on where their relationship stands. It’s romantic, very sexy and has several swoon worthy moments. This couple is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites. Zenobia is fierce, cunning and completely caught off guard by the giant of a man who sweeps her off her feet and tells her she is everything to him. She doesn’t know exactly what is going on and it’s so very hard for her to trust. I love, love, love that Ariq is determined to convince her of his feelings and is waging a battle for her heart. Ariq is such a wonderful hero.

This won’t be a long review, part 5 is only chapters 16-20, just know that I am so in love with this serial. I didn’t think I would ever say that, but it’s so true. Meljean Brook has made me fall hard for this hero and heroine. Final Grade- A

On to The Kraken King Part VI: The Kraken King and the Crumbling Walls.

Favorite Quote:

Leaning over the rail, he looked to the dark water below. It was a long drop. A damned long drop.

But that didn’t matter. His wife was waiting for him.

Rating: A
The Kraken King Part V: The Kraken King and the Iron Heart by Meljean Brook
May 13th 2014 by InterMix
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